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    I created a set of CDs for a mailbox, when I try to view the mailbox, I get “Confirm, Please insert media-01” The first CD is in the CD-ROM. This happens with all of the other CDs, “Please insert media-02”.

    What is causing the error?


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    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    Could you send the process log from the export, to support@advansyscorp.com, please? The log is a file located in the export archive folder; if the archive folder is “jsmith Archive” it should contain the file “jsmith.log”.

    Can you confirm that all sub-folders and files in the archive folder were copied to CD-ROM? Tools like WinMerge and FastLynx can simplify this task. Each CD-ROM should contain, below the folder named, eg. “media-01”, “media-02”:

    _index [if an index was requested]

    In addition, please zip the “_metadata” sub-folder and send it to the above address. This folder contains only:

    • The folder names in a GroupWise account.
    • For each exported message, its sender, recipients, subject, date.
    • For each exported contact, its display name (if available), email address.

    We look forward to your reply.

    Advansys Support

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