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      For the moment I install the Formativ Runtime License 1.6 on several workstation. NT4 is ok.
      On some W2k (Sp4)(Netware-client 4.83 Sp1) machine there come an error on starting Groupwise client (6.0.3) “Installation not completed. Please install the software again”. I uninstalled the runtime and install again (after reboot). No changes. Curious: The W2k machine want to have the Business solution pack too.

      Any ideas?

      Thx in advance for your advices.

      Best regards.

      Dirk Emmermacher

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        You mentioned this problem only occurs on some W2K machines, so I assume it works OK on others?

        Was there something different in the environment when you installed on the machines that worked, as opposed to the machines that did not? For example, were you logged in as the end-user when installing Runtime? You may wish to try installing again, ensuring you are logged in as the same user as will ultimately be using runtime.

        Pleaes let me know how you prceed.

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          The problem occurs only on some machines.
          For the moment here are 8 W2K machines. Two machines have the problem
          I installed the program with the Admin account of my NetWare server (Using local dynamic users from ZenWorks 1.1).

          I found a solution for the problem.
          Its a problem with the local permissions. The directory C:Program FilesAdvansys has only permissions for “normal” user. All my accounts working as power users. I done following:
          Login with adminstrator privileges on local machine. I changed the account from poweruser to Administrator.
          Login with the modified user account. After starting Groupwise all is fine.
          Close the program and login as admin. I removed the admin privileges from the user and set the group permissions to “User” and “Poweruser”.
          I add the permissions to the C:Program FilesAdvansys directory (read, execute and file scan).
          After a login the normal user account all is fine with the formativ program.

          Best regards from Hannover, germany.

          Dirk Emmermacher

          Support 1a

            Thank you for the information above.

            Advansys Support

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