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    I am sometimes getting duplicate messages when using the AddExistingMessage Function. This only seems to happen when several users are proxying to the same account or if someone is logged into groupwise on one machine and then logged in at onother location.

    This is basically what my applet does

    1. I send an email from a web-based application using ado.net.

    2. When the user launches groupwise or a new message is recieved I search the message store to find messages that were from a specific address and then I check if the class of those messages is GW.Message.Mail.Internet

    3. I then create a draft message with a new class GW.Message.Mail.MyApp (so I can have a custom icon) and copy everything to the draft message. I then add some field definitions with
    string values and then send the email using the AddExistingMessage function.

    4. I delete the original message. I delete the draft message.

    If 6 users have proxy access to one account then they get 6 copies of the same email.

    Any Ideas why I would get duplicates???


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    #1 – Should read ASP.Net not ado.net

    Support 3

    This sounds like it might be a bug in Novell’s Object API. We’ll report this as a bug to Novell. We couldn’t say when/if they’ll fix it, though. It always helps getting a bug fixed if other reports are received, so you may want to report it to Novell via the Developernet Support Forum independently from us.

    Alternatively, you can post GroupWise Object API related questions into the following forum:

    Advansys Support

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