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      I am using a DateTimePicker control and I’m finding I cannot change the “Checked” property. It seems to be “read” only despite being “read/write” in the guide. Can you confirm?

      Here is my code:

         Set DateTime1 = Dlg.AddDateTimeControl
      with DateTime1
      .Hint = "[Date1]"
      .Caption = "Date:"
      .Kind = fdtkDate
      .DateTime = Date
      .ShowCheckBox = True
      .Checked = False
      .CaptionPosition = afvLeft
      .CaptionWidth = iCaptWidth
      .CaptionAlign = ftaRightJustify
      end with

      The picker is still checked after executing this code.

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        Thanks for your post.

        We also unable to set ‘Checked’ property, it could be a bug in this property.

        Are you using Formativ 1.5 or 2.0? If you are using Formativ 2.0 or onwards then you can use the dynamic visual forms designer. You can create a new applet, on the editor toolbar in Formativ, press the ‘Forms’ button. Create a new form from the dialog shown. The visual forms designer appears, drag and drop components from the palette onto the form. There are two types of date time controls available in Formativ 2.0: DateTimePicker (Win32 tab), RzDateTimeEdit (Enhanced tab).

        Documentation for Forms Designer and Components: http://www.advansyscorp.com/forums/topic/3971028821/

        Hope this helps.

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          I am using version 2.0. I am familiar with the new forms designer and I’m aware that using the Utilities.NewControlBoxDialog method is “outdated.” However, I would like to be able to create my entire form dynamically and not use the form designer. Is this possible with the new technology?

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            Unfortunately, you can not create dynamic controls in Formativ 2.0 visual forms designer.

            Another alternative is to create COM enabled component in Delphi, VB, C#, etc and call it from the Formativ applet. You can also use Formativ API to execute a Formativ applet, pass data, etc from your external application.

            Let us know, if you need any sample code.

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              Yes. Sample code would be nice as I’m not familiar with calling a COM enabled component concept from Formativ.

              I’ve test calling applets from Excel using the Formativ API concept, but have not used it in applet yet.

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                Please see the thread below for more information about COM component and sample code:


                Advansys Support

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