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      From: hbayado

      Dear Advansys Support,

      Thanks for the workaround. But I had the following issues that I would appreciate if you you can give me some insight on:
      – Had to install the software on the same machine as Outlook is installed. What I wanted to do is to import the Outlook data into another machine that GroupWise was installed at by importing the PST files that I have created. Is that possible?
      – I did install the Advansys Formativ Runtime and the Personal Outlook Migration on the same machine as Outlook, created a new Windows Mail profile as per the recomendations and tried to do the migration, mostly everyting worked (Notes, Mails, Appointments, …etc) except the Contacts, which is unfortunately my main concern and target for this migration. I tried to migrate the contacts alone but it didn’t work (all the contacts were successfully read but ZERO contacts were migrated!). I also tried to couple the contacts migration with some email migration (I limited the email migration to one PST archive isntead of all of them for the sake of speed), the email migration went through just fine, but again ZERO contacts were migrated! Can you shed some light on why is this happening?

      One last note, not sure if this will help, all my mails and contacts are not on my Outlook mailbox but in archives (PST data files), my mailbox is completely empty.

      Thansk for your help in advance

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        Issue 1: You will need the Microsoft Outlook client 2000 or higher and GroupWise client to the target machine (see the System requirements for more information).

        Personal Outlook Migration solution lets you to migrate accounts which are available in Outlook client. If the PST file not opened/loaded in Outlook client then you will need to open it prior to import (Outlook client – File – Open – Outlook data file).

        Issue 2: We have received similar reports (see below), make sure the MAPI configuration setup according to the documentation.


        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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