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    Hi all,

    I’m just wondering if anybody has already programmed some type of journal (like in Outlook) for Groupwise 6.5?


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    Support 1a

    We (Advansys) haven’t developed anything like this, but believe it would be quite straight forward.

    Using Formativ 1.6, you could write an applet that intercepted events you want to record (like message open, deleted, etc). When the event was intercepted, the applet would create an instance of a new custom message class, perhaps based on GroupWise Notes. A custom icon could be defined so ‘Journal Notes’ would be distinct in the GroupWise client. You would save the appropriate information regarding the journal event in the custom message.

    Are many users interested in seeing an applet developed that mimics the Outlook Journal?

    Advansys Support


    My users would want journals for Groupwise 6.5. They use the journal in Outlook quite a lot. It would make a lot easier for me to convinced them to switch over to Groupwise. Outlook gives me a lot of headache making it to work 100 percent with Groupwise.

    I would really appreciate it if you could post an applet to mimic Outlook’s Journal.

    Thank you.

    Support 1a

    Thank you for the feedback.

    Advansys Support

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