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      I’m archiving a bunch of term’d employee mailboxes. Local Access archives. I have it set to automatically index at the end of the archive process. The 1st few went fine, but I just got the following error on my most recent attempt:

      “System.Xml.XmlException: An unexpected end of file parsing CDATA has occurred. Line 137, position 1.”

      It’s a Sent Items object with some JPGs attached. I know the index isn’t crucial to the functioning of the archive, but I want to be sure. The end game here is to delete these mailboxes, so I need to be certain that this isn’t the symptom of a larger issue.

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        Thank you for reporting this error. It sounds like the error is caused by corrupt data in the employee’s mailbox.

        Could you send the log file (index.log) from the Indexer process to support@advansyscorp.com, please? You should find this file in a folder named “_index” in the last “media-nn” folder (where “nn” is a number from 01-99) in the archive.

        If possible please send the associated FML file (ie. the exported GroupWise message) for our engineers to inspect. This will help them to determine the scale of the issue.

        The log entry about this error should include the message ID, as in the example below where the message ID is “4545458F.ACME.OHIO.100.7A69681.1.C6654.1”.


        Exception indexing message ‘Acme images attached’ 4545458F.ACME.OHIO.100.7A69681.1.C6654.1:

        System.Xml.XmlException: An unexpected end of file parsing CDATA has occurred. Line 137, position 1.

        To find the FML file you can use Windows Explorer to search for a file with the message ID in its name, eg. “4545458F.ACME.OHIO.100.7A69681.1.C6654.1.fml”

        We hope to hear from you soon.

        Advansys Support

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