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      I am installing formativ applets for the first time and I am having a problem loading the “Classify Message” applet. I have downloaded the latest version from the website and registered it using the Formativ Registration Utility. It is showing as a registered product in the utility window but when I try to execute it I get the following error:

      “Sorry, this Applet cannot be executed” with the description “”Classify Message_Flexalock” is part of a Solution Pack that has expired. You need to purchase a registration key from the Pack vendor.”

      According to the Quick Config utility I am running the following solutions:

      Classify Message_Flexalock Version 1.1.0
      Classify Message_management_Flexalock Version 1.1.0
      Filing Assistant_Flexalock Version 1.0.46

      I am also using Formative Runtime

      Interestingly when I look at the “Solutions” tab under the “About Advansys Formativ” from the groupwise help menu it reports “Classify Message 2.0 is installed.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

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        Thanks for your post.

        May be the registration code is incorrect, we have emailed you directly.

        Advansys Support

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