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      Hi…we’re changing our users from running their Windows XP profiles ad admins to power users. Now they’re seeing ‘access denied’ errors when trying to access their archived mail. I’ve granted full access permissions to the ATG folder and that’s not correcting the problem. also tried some .net stuff from the advansys product documentation allowing a permissions change to ‘full trust’ (pages 29 through 33) in the Advansys Archive to Go Viewer Manual, but that doesn’t seem to help. are there other apps or directories involved that would need rights changes allowing users to view archived data?

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        Thanks for your detailed enquiry.

        It is most likely the ‘access denied’ errors relate to one or more folders on your users’ machines, not a network location.

        >we’re changing our users from running their Windows XP profiles ad admins to power users.

        Do you mean that your users’ effective rights have been reduced?

        Do the ‘access denied’ errors include any information about which resource the application/s attempted to access? It may be easiest to send a screen shot to support@advansyscorp.com.

        Which ATG applications show up this error?

        Which version of ATG are you using?

        I would expect the permissions granted to normal users (Read-only) to be sufficient for the ATG folder, which (just to be clear) we consider to be:

        C:Program FilesAdvansysArchive To Go

        However, this location is usually not relevant when viewing an ATG archive, because the Viewer and other applications are copied to a sub-folder of the archive.

        You may wish to experiment with changing the permissions granted to the following folder, where user preferences are stored. Both Read and Write access are required:

        C:Documents and Settings[Windows User Name]Application DataAdvansysArchive To Go

        I look forward to your reply.

        Advansys Support

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