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    Hi Advansys team

    Is it you who put in cache this property or ObjectAPI ? Wink

    Take this example
    1 GW System with 2 PO and 2 Libraries LIB1 and LIB2

    LIB1 is my default in GW Client
    You run this code

    > Set MyAccount = GroupWise.Account
    > Set LibraryCh = MyAccount.DefaultDocumentLibrary
    > msgbox LibraryCh.name

    And you obtain LIB1 name, OK

    without closed GW Client, juste change the default library to LIB2

    In GW 8.0, you could see in search buton what the deafult is the new one

    Run the code and you obtain…. LIB1 name Confused

    Closed you GW Client, restart it
    Run the code and you obtain…. LIB2 name

    Strange isn’t it ?

    L.P. Irovetz
    Arcane GroupWare

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    Formativ is wrapper around GroupWise API to make it easier to access the underlying API.

    Make sure you are running the latest point release of the GroupWise client. Looks like GroupWise API failed to refresh the default library. We will contact Novell to get more information. In the meantime, you can also post a message in GroupWise Object API forum.

    Advansys Support

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