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    I was very pleased to locate formativ so I could import my student list into Groupwise from Excel. However in my school we use Adobe Acrobat to create forms that enable a teacher to send them directly to my grouwise address, using a mailto command. After the installation this function creates a problem. Apparently, the teachers who have shared my address book, that was imported using formativ, now are experiencing the same problem with our created forms. Any ideas?

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    Thanks for your post.

    The behaviour indicate the issue is related to the Adobe Acrobat plugin or the form created by the plugin. Unfortunately, we do not have any experience about the Adobe Acrobat form so unable to recommend any suggestions. We suspect you’ll have to undertake a process of elimination. For example:

    • Can you re-produce the behaviour by sending a email from the shared Address Book without using the form?
    • Can you re-produce the behaviour with another Address Book which is not imported by the Formativ?

    Advansys Support

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