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      Hello. I’ve looked through the forums for an answer to this. While I have seen some, none are working for me.

      This is happening on several PCs. All Windows 2000 with SP4.
      When the software is installed and GroupWise is started, you receive “An incomplete installation has been detected. Please reinstall the product and try again.” That message is displayed 4 times, then you receive “No a valid manifest file”.

      I have tried uninstalling the formativ runtime and multiple signature software and reinstalling. I then removed both of the above, and GW65 (and removed the “Advansys Corporation” registry settings from the local user and local machine). Reinstalled GW65, the formativ runtime, and multiple signatures… but continue to receive these errros.

      When you check the Registration Utility, you receive the errors as well. Once the registration utility loads, it states that both programs (runtime 2.0.1 and multiple signatures) have expired. Any attempt to load the license file results in “An incomplete installation has been detected. Please reinstall the product and try again.”

      This is running on 3 PCs without any issues… but I get these errors on another 4 systems that I’m trying. I’m at my wits end.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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        The problems you describe almost invariably relate to Windows Security settings and access rights to the folders such as C:Windows or C:WINNT either during installation, after installation (i.e. logging in under another user with different rights) or both.

        What differences may there be with the installation procedure or security settings between the Windows workstations which work perfectly compared with the problematic ones?

        Manifest files form part of the Formativ Solution registration system and are copied to a special location by the solution installer. They are normally stored in:

        C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0System

        On the workstations with the problem, do you see a range of files ending in *.mnf?

        Depending on your answers above, we may need to correspond with you via support@advansyscorp.com to help you resolve the issue on these machines.


        Advansys Support

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