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    I’m a bit confused. I found a post that said portal applets could only be associated the Formativ Portal in the GW client via a visit to each workstation or a registry key push; BUT, that was in 2001, and under review.

    Is that still the case today? Obviously, I would prefer to associate a portal applet via eDirectory, and have it automatically show up in the Formativ Portals Folder.

    I’m having trouble finding how to do that, if there is some other way to get it done.


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    You can create an applet to display a portal and set the applet integrations to GroupWise “On Startup”. You can also add this applet into a “Applet Library” to share by individuals. See below a sample code of creating portal:

     dim oPortal
     set oPortal = groupwise.PortalManager.Portals.add
     oPortal.ID = "MyPortal"
     oPortal.Caption = "Advansys"
     oPortal.URL = "http://www.advansyscorp.com"
     set oPortal = nothing

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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