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    I want to extend your Internet Reply Formatter with a, what I call, subject ripper subroutine. A long time ago I wrote such a subroutine in VB for a C3PO to convert subjects like

    Re: Reply: Aw: RE: Reply: the real subject


    Re: the real subject

    So I started out using GroupWise.ItemGetText in order to get the subject, but stumbled on GroupWise.ItemSetText. ItemGetText reads the subject, but ItemSetText doesn’t set a new subject. What wrong’s with my code?

    OldSubject = GroupWise.ItemGetText(“X00”, 9)
    MsgBox OldSubject
    NewSubject = “Re: adjusted subject”
    GroupWise.ItemSetText(“X00”, 9, NewSubject)

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    Try the code below, which should work. You were very close and just needed to include the append text parameter value.

    OldSubject = GroupWise.ItemGetText("X00", 9)
    MsgBox OldSubject
    NewSubject = "Re: adjusted subject"
    call GroupWise.ItemSetText("X00", itfSubject, NewSubject, FALSE)


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