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    Is there an function to get the creation date of an attachment object.

    Thanks for help

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    I don’t believe so. Attachments are accessed via the native GroupWise Object API Attachment Object. The attachment object doesn’t expose any methods that provide this information for file attachments.

    You could possible save out the physical file using the Save method and check the creation date of the resulting file, but I couldn’t tell you if the date returned would be the original creation date, or the date the newly saved out file was created.

    I hope this helps.

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    Support 1a

    Further to my response above (based on the assumption you wish to obtain the creation date of a file attachment), if you want to access the creation date of a message attachment, you could do something like:

    dim oMsg
      dim oAttachment
      Set oMsg = client.clientstate.commandmessage
      for each oAttachment in oMsg.attachments
        if (oAttachment.objtype = fgwmessage) then
          msgbox oAttachment.message.subject & vbcrlf & oAttachment.message.creationdate
        end if
      set oMsg = nothing
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