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    I try to retrieve a document having the DocumentReference.
    The code works fine for folders having Shared = 0 or 1, but it fails for
    Documents in folders having Shared = 2

    >>>How can I get the Document in Folders where folder.shard=2 (egwSharedIncoming)?

    Here is the code:

    Dim oGWDocumentRef As GroupwareTypeLibrary.DocumentReference4
    Set oGWDocumentRef = oGWFolder.Messages.Item(Y)
    Dim oGWDocument As GroupwareTypeLibrary.Document2
    ‘ Error occurs on next statement for folders having oGWFolder.Shared=2
    Set oGWDocument = oGWDocumentRef.Document
    MyDocNbr = oGWDocumentRef.Document.DocumentNumber

    Your help is very much appreciated

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