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      on Groupwise initiation a msgbox pops up with title bar “TScript.LoadFromStream”
      the message is “Invalid Source File”

      Sometimes Applets will be on the menu bar but will be blank
      selecting one gets the error “Assertion failure(m:ADV…LaniLibrary.pas,Line 2671

      both client and admin are v1.0.2.2

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      Support 1a

        I suspect you have either a corrupt applet, or an applet that contains no source code. The assert failure you mention indicates the latter, and has been changed to handle this situation more gracefully in SP1, which will be made available very early in the new year.

        You could either check each applet manually using a text editor, looking for an empty XML CDATA tag, or the easier option would be to ZIP all your applets and email them to support@advansyscorp.com, where we will locate the offending applet for you.

        We will be notifying all users when SP1 becomes available.

        Advansys Support

        Support 1a

          This issue has been fixed in Formativ Admin, available from our downloads page. The problem only affects Formativ Admin. Any previously encoded applets should be re-encoded using this version, and re-copied to the Local directory of any Formativ Client installations that experienced this problem.

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