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    is there a event, when i switch in the GW-Client to a proxy-user?

    i need a way to disable MenuItems, when i switch in a proxy Account. Because in the proxy account it’s not allowed to create rules. I know, i can suppress it in the security options for proxy user. But when i do this the user also cannot create folders! But all users need folders. Any great idea!

    Thanks for information!


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    Thank you for your query.

    Unfortunately Formativ has no event available to signal that a proxy has occurred. Similarly, there is no event to signal ‘create rule,’ it is only possible to unconditionally block rule creation.

    Our engineers have considered adding to Formativ these kinds of events. But at this time we cannot say when a version that includes such events will be released.

    It is possible to do what you require by writing a Third Party Handler (TPH) that integrates with the GroupWise client. You will need to consult the online Novell Developer references to do this. Otherwise it may be possible for Advansys to supply you with a custom solution.

    Best regards,
    Advansys Support


    Thanks for the information.

    i am waiting for new version of FORMATIV!

    Best Regards


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    Thanks for the feedback. We can’t say when you’ll be able to treat tokens such as proxy as an event, but I’m confident it will happen.


    Advansys Support

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