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    my applet shall collect informations provided by users (selections and inputs in forms).
    Later the user creates a draft message by clicking a send button.

    The problem is now that sometimes the send event lasts between 20 and 30 seconds. This is much too long.

    Do you have any suggestion where the delay happens.

    I use up to 3 recipients.

    best regards & many thanks for help

    a part of code….

    Sub Senden_book
    ‘Absenden der Anforderung

    HRT = Chr(13) & Chr(10)
    Dim objDraft
    Dim objEmail
    Dim objRecipient
    Dim txt_mail
    Dim txt_Anforderer
    Dim txt_Berechtigungstyp
    Dim txt_Benutzer
    Dim txt_copy_from
    Dim txt_Buchberechtigung
    Dim txt_Zusatzinfo
    Dim txt_Berechtigungen

    txt_Anforderer = “Anforderer: ” & Anlage.cmb_requester_name.Text
    txt_Berechtigungstyp = “Berechtigungstyp: ” & Anlage.cmb_book_right_type.Text
    txt_Benutzer = “Für Benutzer: ” & Anlage.txt_book_right_user.Text
    txt_copy_from = “Kopie von Benutzer: ” & Anlage.txt_book_right_user_copy_from.Text
    txt_Zusatzinfo = “Zusatzinfo: ” & Anlage.txt_book_memo.Text

    txt_Berechtigungen = “BERECHTIGUNGEN für: ” & Anlage.txt_book_right_name.Text

    ‘ Create a draft email message
    Set objDraft = GroupWise.Account.MailBox.Messages.Add(4)

    Empfaenger1 = Anlage.txt_email_1.Text
    Empfaenger2 = Anlage.txt_email_2.Text
    Empfaenger3 = Anlage.txt_email_3.Text

    ‘Empfänger hinzufügen
    objRecipient = objDraft.Recipients.Add(Empfaenger1,,0)

    ‘Controlling Empfänger hinzufügen
    If send2Controlling=true then
    objRecipient = objDraft.Recipients.Add(Empfaenger3,,fgwto)
    end if

    ‘Weiteren Empfänger hinzufügen
    If Anlage.txt_email_2.Text <> “” then
    objRecipient = objDraft.Recipients.Add(Empfaenger2,,fgwto)
    end if

    if Anlage.tab_email_sender_include.State = cbChecked then
    ‘ Add a single recipient – ourself
    objRecipient = objDraft.Recipients.Add(objDraft.Sender.EmailAddress,,gwCC)
    end if

    objDraft.Subject = txt_Berechtigungstyp& ” VEGA-USER ” & txt_Benutzer & ” von ” &txt_Anforderer

    txt_mail = txt_Anforderer & HRT & txt_Benutzer & HRT & txt_copy_from & HRT & txt_Berechtigungen & HRT & txt_Zusatzinfo
    objDraft.BodyText.PlainText = txt_mail

    ‘ Send the email by calling the send method
    Set objEmail = objDraft.Send

    ‘ Display the MessageID
    vbanswer = msgbox(“Ihre Anforderung wurde versandt.” & HRT & “Weitere Berechtigungen anfordern ?”,vbyesno)
    if vbanswer = vbyes then
    call reset_fields
    ‘ Anlage.Senden.Modalresult = mrOK
    Anlage.Modalresult = mrOK
    ‘ Anlage.Modalresult = mrCancel
    end if

    End Sub

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    We haven’t had any report about the delay of sending messages using the Send method. Could you please answer the following questions:

    • Do you know when the delay occur (i.e first execution of the applet after restart the GroupWise)?
    • Can you reproduce the behaviour in another GroupWise account?
    • How you execute the applet (i.e applet integrations)?
    • Which version of GroupWise client are you running?

    May be you can use the utilities.DoEvents() before and after the Send method to force windows to process any pending messages in the windows application message queue.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support

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