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      Ive just installed the trial of the classification product, but there seems to be a missng VBF file – the one with the default classifications.

      Do i need to create it with another product?
      (Ive tried creating an empty file with the VBF extension, but it doesnt work)

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        We haven’t had any report about this issue. Could you please provide the error message you received when you execute the solution?

        May be the installation did not work properly, you don’t need to create the empty VBF file, please delete the file.

        Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the solution:

        • Control Panel – Add or Remove Programs – Uninstall “Email Classification”.
        • Make sure the Email Classification applet removed by locating applets location. Start – Control Panel – Advansys Formativ – Select Paths tab – Copy location of personal applets, open the folder in Windows Explorer, make sure the applet removed.
        • Install the “Email Classification”, you can download from here: http://www.advansyscorp.com/formativ_download.htm

        Hope this helps.

        If the problem persists, please email your Formativ Configuration Information to Support (support@advansyscorp.com). You can access this via the main GroupWise menus: Help | About Formativ. When the ‘About Box’ appears, select the ‘Configuration’ tab. Press the ‘copy to clipboard’ button, then paste the contents of the clipboard into your reply.


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