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      i am using:
      Formativ Runtime – Version 2.0.1 Build
      ical applet 1.0.11.

      my problem:
      when i create an appointment and reimport it into gw it looks different (semicolons are added before subject and location).
      it is also not possible to import any attendees.
      also the trigger for an alarm is converted wrong, when i save an appointment as ical.
      a 5 min alarm prior of the event should look like:
      TRIGGER:-PT5M. with my installation i get TRIGGER:PT5M.

      are there any bugfixes or new versions planned?
      i need the converter for our company with some 40 employees.
      thanx for help


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        Thanks for your enquiry.

        Send a message to support (support@advansyscorp.com) about the enhancement request (i.e. attendees) and current issues (i.e alarm, semicolon, etc). Please attach some sample ics file(s) and provide steps to reproduce the issue.

        Please note, all applets supplied to the Novell Cool Solutions Applet Central are not supported by Advansys. However, we always try our best to fix any bug and add enhancements when the development resources become available.

        In the meantime, if you need to make any custom enhancement then I would suggest you contact a Formativ development partner, one of which should be able to assist. You can access the full list at:

        If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

        Advansys Support

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