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      Hi guys!
      I developed a small applet which workes fine. Yesterday, i wanted to view it in a res. of 800×600, since most users in our enterprise seem to use that res.
      Everytime i use the applet in 800×600 at a certain dialog, it throws back following error:

      TfcControlDialog.Execute Exception
      Details: [System Error. Code: 1400. Invalid WindowHandle]

      <- (the invalid windowhandle is a translation by myself so it maybe a bit altered in original)

      Everything works fine again, if i switch to res. 1024×768..
      The dialog, where the applet crashes, has nothing special in it.. its size is 400 x 550 wich shouldnt be a problem too..

      I dunno what to do! Would appreciate help on this one, since i cant figure out..
      Thx in advance!

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        Thank you for the problem report – very strange! One of our engineers recalls an issue that could occur if a dialog was defined in a specific way. Could you please send a copy of the applet to support@advansyscorp.com, and we’ll see if we can reproduce the issue.

        Advansys Support

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