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      It is cumbersome searching through random offiles directories searching for that 234mb file. So I downloaded a utility that could delete a specific attachment for a specific email.

      The question is, does this utility work with GroupWise 6.0.4 SP4.

      Do you know if the following two utilities are compatible with Netware 6.0.4 SP4?

      Formativ Runtime 2.0

      Our adminstrator won’t let me download the Formativ Runtime 2.0 until I prove it’s compatible.

      David Slack
      IT Specialist

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        Formativ Runtime 2.0 should work on GroupWise 6.0.4.

        Based on the applet description, “Delete attachments from the selected message” solution should work on the GroupWise 6.0.4 (see below the applet description). However, we always recommend to our users to upgrade the GroupWise client to latest point release or next version (i.e. GroupWise 7/8).


        ‘ Formativ Solutions for GroupWise
        ‘ Delete attachments from the selected message(s)
        ‘ Designed by: Formativ Business Solution Team
        ‘ Copyright (c) 2007 Advansys Corporation (http://www.advansyscorp.com)

        ‘ DESCRIPTION:

        ‘ Storing large numbers of email messages with attachments can place a strain on
        ‘ your GroupWise data storage requirements. This applet lets you remove attachments
        ‘ from received messages, minimizing the space required to store your GroupWise
        ‘ data. Simply select a message and click the Delete Attachments button that
        ‘ has been added to the mail toolbar.

        There are some restrictions. You need to be using GroupWise 6 SP1 or greater. You
        ‘ cannot remove attachments from messages in shared or query folders. The applet
        ‘ does not process the mime.822 attachment associated with some messages. If the
        ‘ mime.822 file contains encoded attachments, these will not be removed.

        ‘ NOTE:
        ‘ – The version 1.7.0 was tested with GroupWise 7.0.1 (14/12/2006).
        ‘ – This solution was tested with GroupWise online mode.

        ‘ KNOWN ISSUES:
        ‘ – Do not preserve advanced message properties (e.g. categories, check-list, personal subject, etc).

        In response to your support email enquiry.


        My other question is, do these utilities affect only the GroupWise 6 attachments or do they affect also the GroupWise 6 Server files as well?

        This solution operate on GroupWise client not the server side. It will delete attachments from the selected messages.

        Hope this helps.

        Advansys Support


          That’s what I was looking for.

          Thank you,

          Support 3

            Let me know how you go, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or comments.

            Advansys Support

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