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    This is a 2 fold problem.
    We need to do a personalized mass email and would prefer it to be in HTML because it will contain a URL that is approximately 230 characters in length, so we would like to be able to use tags to shorten it to a link.
    The other issue is, we have been able to put the URL in the Comments field in the GroupWise address book and do a plain text merge, however when the merge happens the URL gets truncated.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated, unfortunately this has become a rush situation

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    Support 1a

    You should be able to create a HTML personilized mass email form containing a long URL embedded in a tag. We created a test form here containing the following long link, which merged out correctly:

        URL related question[/URL]

    Regarding your other issue, are you still referring to the Personalized Mass Email applet? Engineering advised me this applet doesn’t actually support the comments field, so instead of truncation, you probably wouldn’t see any data from the comments field at all when you perform the merge. Is that what you are seeing?

    Were you placing the URL in the comments field of the address book because they differed for each user, or was this an attempt to work around not being able to insert the URL in the master HTML form?

    You might wish to email more information and a copy of your template to support@advansyscorp.com and I’ll take a look.


    Advansys Support

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    The URL is different for each recipient that is why we tried to use the comments field.
    Is there another way to import a long URL into a tag in the Personalized Mass Email or should we be going about this a different way?

    Support 1a

    I cannot think of another way to do this in the very short term. Our engineering team yesterday updated the personalized mass email applet to include the comments field. They are testing it today. Once they are confident with it, I’ll send you a copy via email. I expect this should be some time later today our time.

    Advansys Support

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