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    I have an applet I have distributed to all my users that lets them forward selected messages. I realize now that I should discriminate between email that came off the internet, and email that came from internal users. Within GroupWise, there is the View Name = Internet attribute (or some other view name if it did not come from the GWIA). Would someone please tell me how to test for the current messages’ view name within Formativ? I looked through a number of sample applications but did not find it – perhaps I just did not look in the right application.


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    I am not sure about indentify the internal or external message based on view name. You can use the the following token to return the name of the active view:

    Alternatively, please view the following thread which has some sample code to check the external message:

    Hope this helps.

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    I eventually solved this using a search on the address book. Maybe not as nice as GroupWise.AddressBookResolveFullName(), but it’s an alternative.

    Set oAddressBook = GroupWise.Account.AddressBooks.Item("Novell GroupWise Address Book")
    ' Find out how many items are selected in GroupWise
    iCount = Client.ClientState.SelectedMessages.Count
    ' If any are selected, access each one
    If iCount > 0 Then
        For x = 1 To iCount
            ' Get the currently selected message
            Set iMsg = Client.ClientState.SelectedMessages.Item(x)
            strEmailAddress = iMsg.Sender.EmailAddress
            Set oEntries = nothing
            Set oEntries = oAddressBook.AddressBookEntries.Find("(<E-Mail Address> CONTAINS """ & strEmailAddress & """)")
            iText = ""
            For each oEntry in oEntries
                Set oFields = oEntry.Fields
                For each oField in oFields
                    iText = iText & "Name: " & oField.Name & ", Value: " & oField.Value & CRLF
                    If oField.Name = "Name" Then
                        strDisplayName = oField.Value
                    End If
            If iText = "" then
                ' Send the email by calling the send method
                ' (more code goes here)
                call MsgBox( strDisplayName & " is in GroupWise - you can't tag internal user mail as spam.", 64, CAPTION )
            End If
            set iMsg = nothing
    End If
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    Thanks for sharing the sample code.

    Advansys support

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