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      We are having issues when deploying Windows 7 Clients using GW2012 and Formative Runtime 2.6

      Non administrative users do not get the applet unless GW is launched as an admin user.

      When installing Runtime, the options to install for all users was checked, as was the box when installing the Classify Message Applet.

      I’ve tried looking at registry keys etc but really can’t make head or tail of where to go next!


      Chris Barnes

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        Hi Chris,

        Thank you for your post. As it is likely to be a configuration/access rights/environment related issue, it is recommended that you reply with any detailed answers to support AT advansyscorp.com.

        What was the previous environment under which you ran the Classify Message solution, such as the Windows and GroupWise versions? What has changed with the latest rollout?

        Do you have a standard (non-SOE) Windows workstation installation which you can use as a comparison? If so, does the solution work when installing onto this standard Windows workstation?

        As the symptoms indicate, the problem is likely to be related to access or folder rights provided to a standard user.

        While the applet does not appear for a standard user, do the Formativ Runtime menu entries appear under the GroupWise Help menu?

        Formativ works very much like a standard GroupWise C3PO and if solutions are not appearing, it is likely that the standard GroupWise C3PO registry entries do not have sufficient rights or there are insufficient rights to the folders where the applets are stored.

        While logged in as a standard Windows user, what happens if you run the GroupWise client as administrator? After you do that once, what happens if you then run GroupWise as a standard user?

        For both the admin and standard Windows user login, to assist us troubleshoot the problem, please send us the Formativ configuration information by selecting the GroupWise client’s Help menu, select About Formativ, select the Configuration tab and use the Copy to Clipboard button, then paste the config info into the return email to us at support AT advansyscorp.com.

        We look forward to your feedback on the questions above.

        Kind Regards,

        Advansys Support

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