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    We’re going to migrate 400 users out of GroupWise 2012 and want to completely archive all mailboxes with Archive To Go
    In the last days I’ve done some tests on a Win7-Client (Windows 7 Enterprise, 64bit, 8GB RAM) and some of the mailboxes were running into problems.
    To prevent the following errors, when the final archivation will be made, I need your help:

    1. Program aborts:
    In the Enterprise-Mode via “Select from System view” I select several mailboxes and let the programm run. In some cases I can see after a lot of hours, that the program was aborted (pop-up-message “Archive To Go no longer works”). The last line of the log file shows nothing special. It does not matter whether the destination is a local drive or a network share. A GWcheck was done before.

    2. In the logfiles I can see following critical errors: (–> Archive isn’t complete)
    a. Ungültiges hohes Ersatzzeichen (0xDE8B). Ein hohes Ersatzzeichen muss einen Wert im Bereich (0xD800 – 0xDBFF) aufweisen.
    b. Unable to reflect over method “GetMessage”: System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Aktualisierungszugriff für aktuellen Benutzer verweigert.

    3. In the logfiles I can see following warnings:
    a. Count mismatch: found 1 MIME object(s) but 2 GW attachment(s) Cannot save attachment: Prot_05_09.doc Unable to invoke “Save” by reflection: Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht. Speichern der Anlage in einer Datei nicht möglic
    b. Cannot save attachment: TEXT.htm Unable to invoke “Save” by reflection: Ein Aufrufziel hat einen Ausnahmefehler verursacht. Speichern der Anlage in einer Datei nicht möglich
    c. Cannot load file “Präsentation DOTTIKON ES_Verkauf_R&E_deutsch.pdf”: 79’349’263 Byte(s) Eine Ausnahme vom Typ “System.OutOfMemoryException” wurde ausgelöst.
    d. Invalid attachment “Mime.822”: 1 Byte(s)

    4.In the logfiles I can see following non-critical warnings:
    a. A problem was encountered during MIME processing: Encoding not available for charset “CP1252”, “iso-8859-1, windows-1252”, “windows-936”, “utf8”, “238”, “X-USER-DEFINED”
    b. Plain text contains illegal character(s); it may have been truncated

    What are possible sources of error? How can I minimize such errors and warnings?
    Thank you very much for helping,

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    Hello and thank you for your post. As these mailbox errors will require additional log file information and analysis, we will correspond with you via direct email. We would be very pleased to assist you aim for the highest quality export possible.

    As a general rule, the following steps should be check in our Troubleshooting Export Problems section.

    While your workstations have good specifications, double-check that any unnecessary applications are unloaded from memory. This is particularly important for processing large attachments.

    Another issue which can cause problems is anti-virus software, including Microsoft Security Essentials. The real-time interception features should be disabled because they can introduce latency and file-locking problems for interim message processing during the export.

    Data related problems can often be resolved by isolating the problem message, which can be tedious, particularly when corruption can make the Archive To Go process unstable. Moving messages between folders can often rewrite the database and resolve minor data corruptions.

    We will send you a message to the email address with which you registered for this forum.

    Kind Regards,

    Advansys Support

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