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      It appears that when using the Personalised Emailer with ‘Send Now’ options selected with a future date/time, if these as yet unsent messages are deleted in GroupWise, they are still sent.

      This would only appear to happen with email created with this software, and not created directly with GW.

      Why is this and can it be fixed.

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        Thanks for your message.

        This is a Known behaviour in GroupWise. Once the future date & time feature used (Delay delivery), the message queued for delivery in Post Office (Service Queues Directory). Deleting the message from the GroupWise client will not remove the message from the Post Office.

        We have reported this behaviour to Novell some time ago. It always helps getting a bug fixed if other reports are received, so you may want to report it to Novell via the Developernet Support Forum independently from us. Alternatively, you can post related questions into the following forum: http://groups.google.com.au/groups/dir?sel=33614114&hl=en

        Advansys Support

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