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      Hi, Advansys team

      Perhaps i forgot something, but it’s seems not working

      I try to install my Applet in “GroupWise Main Windows” -> Menu (any slot !)
      Even i re-launch GW, my applet is never in the menu selected °=(

      A clue, my GroupWise is in French, your menu anchor is in English ????

      Thanks to help us.

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      Support 1a

        Thank you for your question. Yes, I suspect the client language is the issue here. In order to insert a menu item at a particular position within a menu, we need to identify an ‘anchor’ menu item by caption. At this time Formativ contains only English menu caption definitions.

        To work around this, you need to edit a text file that is part of Formativ. Assuming you are using GroupWise 6.5, the file is called ‘msgclass6_5.txt’, and will be found in the Formativ program files folder (The other supported version are named based on the supported version – it should be pretty easy to see which file goes with which version).

        Open the file and look for a section that looks like this:

        Description=GroupWise Main Window
        #File="New","Open Archive","Open Backup","Open View...","Save As...","Import Documents...","Import POP3/IMAP...","Proxy...","Sharing...","Properties","Print...","Print Calendar...","Retrieve...","Mode","Exit"
        #Edit="Cut","Copy","Paste","Select All","Add Calendar Tab...","Delete","Delete and Empty","Retract","Retract and Delete","Delete Sent Item","Undelete","Empty Trash","Change to","Folders...","Move/Link to Folders...","Find Text...","Find Next","Find Previous"
        #View="Toolbars","Folders List","QuickViewer","Display Settings","Appointment Display","QuickView","Threads","Filter","Next Unread Item","Prev Unread Item","Go to Today","Go to Date...","Refresh"
        #Actions="Open","View","Accept","Accept with Options...","Decline","Decline with Options...","Reply...","Forward","Forward as Attachment","Delegate...","Resend","Show Appointment As","Move to Archive","Restore","Junk Mail","Version List","Copy Document...","Check Out...","Check In...","Reset Document Status","Alarm...","Mark Private","Mark Completed","Categories","Read Later","Mark Read","Move to Checlist Folder","Show in Checklist","Checklist Actions","NNTP Newsgroup Actions"
        #Tools="Address Book","Dial Sender","Junk Mail Handling...","Rules","Find...","Stop Find","Busy Search...","Date Difference...","Mass Document Operations...","Replace Document With Backup","Hit The Road...","Check Mailbox Size...","Options..."
        #Accounts="Send/Retrieve...","Retrieve Selected Items...","Pending Requests...","Connection Log...","Show Status Window","Auto Send/Retrieve","Account Options"
        #Window="Minimize GroupWise","Close Others","New Main Window","Calendar"
        #Help="Help Topics","What's New","User's Guide","Cool Solutions Web Community","Novell GroupWise Home Page","About GroupWise"

        The “#File=”New”,…” lines related to the main menu items. You would need to translate any of these entries you wished to use as anchors. It would not be necessary to edit all of them. For example, if you wanted to be able to add a menu to the ‘File’ menu after ‘Proxy…’, you would need to translate the “#File=”New”,…” line.

        Once the file has been edited you would need to restart the GroupWise client, then define your menu integrations. You will also need to distribute this file with your solution.

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support


          Thank, it’s seem working where i want to integarte my menu.

          Are you interest about a complete translation in French for these section ?
          It could be better to place it in your installer regards of GroupWise client language !!


          Support 1a

            We agree these resoures should be installed by default, and we will possibly do this in the version of Formativ that will support GroupWise 7. Your offer of a translation is kind, but we should be able to extract the translations ourselves once we are able to obtain a full set of multilingual clients.


            Advansys Support

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