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      Hello World

      I don’t like that Formativ is creating its own directories (e.g. H:My DocumentsAdvansysFormativEncoded Output).

      Yes, I know I can set some paths in the contol panel, however there I can not set the paths listed below.
      In our config we have redirected the User Data to H:My Documents (we do not support the ‘C:Documents and Settings[UserName]Local Settings’ structure in our environment.

      I have consulted the user manual and I am aware of the options that are available through the installation config file. For various reasons we are NOT deploying Formativ with the provided AXT-File. Instead we are distributing it through a snappshot, hence it is very easy for me to set the paths as desired once I know the exact Regkeys to change… unfortunately they are nowhere to be found…

      Any ideas?

      TIA Stephan

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      Support 1a

        This was answered by direct email on the 11th of November. Is this a duplicate post?


        Advansys Support



          Yes, it was answered, but your proposed solution does NOT work:
          Dear Stephan,

          The following registry values will be used if present when determining
          the location of files:


          HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0Settings

          Value Name:

          ‘Local Scripts’
          ‘User Cache’
          ‘Applet Help’
          ‘Applet Images’
          ‘Encoded Macros’
          ‘Flexalock Output’
          ‘Library Backup’
          ‘Applet Config’


          HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0

          Value Name:

          ‘Common Applets’

          These are the only user-definable paths supported. Like most
          applications, Formativ needs to create certain paths in order to
          operate. It adheres to Microsoft Application Configuration standards
          through the use of system defined base locations, based on the values
          returned by Windows for user specific data and roaming and non-roaming
          application data.

          I hope this helps.


          I have sent you 4 mails (to support@advansyscorp.com) on this already, but I have not received any reply to them. 🙁

          Did you not receive them?


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          Support 1a

            No emails have been received from you since we send you this information.

            Could you please expand upon what you mean by ‘it doesn’t work’. This is certainly the mechanism Formativ uses to determine paths. Specific information is required in order for me to provide further assistance.

            Advansys Support



              NOT working means:
              I cannot redirect the (at least) following 2 folders:
              ‘Encoded Macros’
              ‘Flexalock Output’

              Formativ is always creating to sub folders under the directory specified by ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0SettingsData’

              BTW: I assume that all listed reg entries should by of type ‘string’.

              How can I avoid/redirect the creation of the 2 folders
              H:My DocumentsAdvansysFormativEncoded Output &
              H:My DocumentsAdvansysFormativFlexalock Output

              Please check you mailbox again – maybe my mails get blocked by a spam filter.


              Support 1a

                All the path registry entries are strings.

                I have looked at the project source code, which indicates a change was made a some point to fix the location of the following paths:

                – Applet Cache
                – Encoded Applets Output
                – Flexalock Applet Output

                These are fixed (relative to the variable starting point).

                The encoded and flexalock applet folders are only relevant (and created by) Studio and Creator. Why do you want to change the location of these folders? We have never received any requests that these two folders be configurable.

                Advansys Support



                  I have the following reg keys:
                  ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0Settings’
                  “Encoded Applets Output”=”H:\My Documents\”
                  “Flexalock Applet Output”=”H:\My Documents\”
                  “Applet Cache”=”H:\My Documents\”
                  “Flexalock Output”=”C:\Program Files\Advansys\Formativ\Applets\Flexalock Output”
                  “Encoded Macros”=”C:\Program Files\Advansys\Formativ\Applets\Encoded Output”
                  “Add Help Menu Items”=dword:00000000
                  “Data”=”H:\My Documents\”
                  “Exception Countdown”=dword:00000000
                  “Exception Dialog”=dword:00000001
                  “Force Toolbar Wrap”=dword:00000001
                  “Help Centre Home”=”http://www.advansys.info/formativ_helpcenter.htm”
                  “Help Centre Last Shown”=dword:00000000
                  “Help Centre Reminder”=dword:00000007
                  “Include Groups in Discovery”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Allow Anon Login”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Automated Login”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Cache All”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Certificate”=””
                  “LDAP Default Password”=””
                  “LDAP Default Port”=dword:00000185
                  “LDAP Default Port SSL”=dword:0000027c
                  “LDAP Ignore Bind Failure”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Port”=dword:00000185
                  “LDAP Port SSL”=dword:0000027c
                  “LDAP Save Password”=dword:00000001
                  “LDAP Server”=””
                  “LDAP Server Requires Logon”=dword:00000001
                  “LDAP SSL”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Use Default Password”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Use Default Username”=dword:00000000
                  “LDAP Username”=””
                  “Library Backup”=””
                  “Local Scripts”=”C:\Program Files\Advansys\Formativ\Applets\”
                  “Macro Hints”=dword:00000001
                  “Max Traversal”=dword:0000000a
                  “Menu Caption”=”A&pplets”
                  “No Solutions Warning”=dword:00000000
                  “Portal Folder Deleted”=dword:00000000
                  “Portal Folder Enabled”=dword:00000000
                  “Portal Folder Name”=”Formativ Portals”
                  “Protocol Order”=dword:00000000
                  “Protocol Override”=dword:00000000
                  “Redirect Associations”=dword:00000000
                  “TLS Mode”=dword:00000000
                  “Word Limit”=dword:00000000
                  “Word Limit Count”=dword:00000002
                  “Code Explorer”=dword:00000069
                  “Current Line”=dword:00000000
                  “Default Author”=”That’s me”
                  “Default Author Email”=”someone@somewhere.com”
                  “Default Author Phone”=”+123 456 789”
                  “Default Author URL”=”www.somewhere.ch”
                  “Toolbar Limit Override”=””
                  “Help Centre Content Version”=dword:00000000
                  ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareAdvansys Corporationformativ1.0SettingsExceptions’

                  In the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareAdvansys Corporation’ hive there is no reference to ‘H:My Documents’ what so ever.

                  And Formativ (Runtime 2.0) still creates
                  ‘H:My DocumentsAdvansysFormativEncoded Output’ and
                  ‘H:My DocumentsAdvansysFormativFlexalock Output’
                  upon startup…. what the heck???

                  There is no need for these directories (the will only bring up unnecessary questions and therefore cause helpdesk trouble).



                  Support 1a

                    We will contact you via direct email regarding this issue.

                    Advansys Support

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