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    Evaluating your migration solution and after migration of 1 mailbox, found it to work very well. All messages, contacts, calendar, etc.. migrated without error.

    My question is in regards to migration time. For my test mailbox, time required to complete migration was as follows:

    400 messages 40 minutes
    165 contacts 25 minutes

    Since pst files are local (POP3 clients, No Exchange server), I didn’t expect migraton to consume as much time as it did. Groupwise client was in caching mode. Groupwise server over WAN Frame at 128K, but planning upgrade to 256K soon. Outlook security allows up to 10 minutes for access for the migration utility before a reset is required. Have about 75 users to migrate, so migration could become quite time consuming.

    Is this migration time typical for your utility given our environment? Can your utility be configured for increased performance?

    Thank you for any suggestions and despite the slow performance I was impressed with your solution.

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