Archive To Go is comprised of four (4) components, Archive To Go Creator, Archive To Go Viewer, Archive To Go Finder and Archive To Go Indexer.  Please see below for more information.

Archive To Go Creator

GroupWise mailbox exporter component which creates the archives.

    • Archives independent from GroupWise
    • GroupWise personal archive support
    • Local and Enterprise modes
    • Export automation templates
    • Fast export to updatable archives
    • Rich, faithful content reproduction

    • GroupWise 2018 support
    • Supports all message types
    • Item and folder filtering
    • Inbuilt viewer with search
    • Comprehensive logging
    • Works with PST Creator

Click the heading below to review the Creator features in detail.

Creator Features in Detail

General Operation

  • Simple archive creation Wizard.
  • Updatable archives.
  • Very high speed export process.
  • GroupWise not required after mailbox export.
  • Resume after stop capability.
  • Rich, faithful content reproduction.
  • Export GroupWise accounts to CD, DVD, Hard Disk, Flash Drives, complete with Archive To Go Viewer.
  • Supports all GroupWise group and posted message types:
    • Mail, Phone messages;
    • Calendar items: Appointments, Events, Notes, Tasks;
    • Personal Address Book contacts and groups;
    • Library Document References.
  • Exports message properties.
  • Exports account signatures.
  • Advanced logging:
    • detailed export log;
    • reports shared folder rights and user access list;
    • separate audit log.
  • Supports GroupWise versions 7, 8, 2012, 2014, 2018 (Solution Requirements).
  • XML message export format includes attachments, full HTML support and rich message metadata (Advansys Portable Message).
  • Produces output compatible with the Advansys PST Creator.

Export Selection

  • Single or unattended multiple account export.
  • Export only a user’s GroupWise account, only their personal archive(s) or both.
  • Export Personal Address Book contacts and groups in vCard format.
  • An Archive To Go archive can contain the user’s main account, personal archive(s) and contacts.

Folder Selection

  • Export the entire account or choose which folders to export.
  • Option to include Incoming Shared Folders.
  • Include folders by name matching.
    • ‘Contains’, ‘begins with’ and ‘ends with’ name matching functionality.
    • Works with main GroupWise account and personal archives.
  • Automatically excludes Query folders.
  • Optionally include Newsgroup and RSS folders.
  • Optionally exclude empty folders from appearing in the exported archive.
  • Remembers the folders selected during a previous session for the same account.

Item Selection

  • Restrict export of mailbox and archive items to a specified date range.
  • Include or exclude items marked Private or Hidden.
  • Restrict export to items marked Private or Hidden.
  • Option to save large file attachments external to the message when a size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB, user-configurable).

GroupWise Access Modes

  • Secure Enterprise Access. Administrators can use Enterprise mode for centralized mailbox export of any user’s account without detection and without knowing the user’s password.
  • Supports GroupWise web administration API (REST) introduced in GroupWise 2014.
  • Local Access enables the export of an account only when the password is known. Can be installed on user’s workstation so that the end-user or delegate can take responsibility for exporting.

Export Automation

  • Export template feature enables the recording and reuse of export settings.
    • Automatically saves current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
    • Hands-free’ export automation capability.
  • Start Archive To Go and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.
  • Encrypt and password-protect templates.
  • Templates work in Local and Enterprise Modes.
  • Special XML support files enable further automation and monitoring.


  • Admin Wizard tool controls or presets key Archive To Go options.
  • Simplifies administration of multiple Archive To Go users.
  • Creates a configuration file for multi-user distribution.
  • Distributed with an installer separate from Archive To Go.
  • Wizard functions:
    • Modify an existing configuration file.
    • Add an expiry date to limit export period.
    • Include or exclude licensed accounts from export.
    • Hide Auditing Options in Archive To Go Creator.
    • Preset Auditing options.
    • Show/hide Enterprise Access mode option.
    • Notify account owner by email upon export completion.
    • Notify additional users by email upon export completion.
    • Displays GroupWise systems configured for current Windows account.
    • Password protect configuration file to prevent unauthorized modifications.
    • Choose the configuration file save location.

Archive To Go Viewer

GroupWise style message viewer integrated with each archive.

    • Familiar style and easy to use
    • Removes need for GroupWise
    • Integrated quick viewer

    • Message forward and reply
    • High speed search
    • Integrated with archive

Click the heading below to review the Viewer features in detail.

Viewer Features in Detail

  • Familiar GroupWise style viewer:
    • preserves account folder hierarchy
    • includes message quick viewer
    • high-speed search
    • message forward/reply
    • print capabilities.
  • Removes the need for the GroupWise client to access messages.
  • Viewer is included automatically with the creation of each Archive To Go portable archive.
  • Open any Archive To Go archive by browsing local or network locations.
  • Remembers recently viewed archives for quick selection from the File menu or the open archive toolbar icon.
  • Browse or open an archive by passing a location on the command line.
  • Creation of a special INI file enables easy list access to multiple archives.
  • Viewer application can be copied and run from any convenient location.

Archive To Go Finder & Indexer

High speed, full-text search facility integrated with each archive.

    • Lightning fast search
    • Search main account
    • Search personal archives
    • Search contacts

    • Archive user can create index
    • Integrated with Viewer
    • Integrated with archive
    • Easy to use