Archive To Go is sold on an organization basis according to the pricing table below. With all GroupWise accounts licensed, customers may install and run the software on as many workstations, separately or concurrently, as required within their organization.

To license GroupWise mailboxes within your organization, check your GroupWise System User count. For more information, click on the GROUPWISE USER COUNT tab above.

    • Add 25% for optional annual maintenance (access to minor releases and email support).
    • For further information, please contact Advansys or an Advansys Partner.

GroupWise mailboxesPrice (USD)
Up to 501125
Up to 1001875
Up to 2503375
Up to 5004125
Up to 10004995
Up to 25006245
Over 2500 or special requirementsContact Us
Optional annual maintenance - ADD25%
Please refer to the GROUPWISE USER COUNT tab above.

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For more product details or pricing, please contact Advansys or one of our sales partners.

GroupWise User Count

For most purchases Archive To Go and Advansys PST Creator pricing is based on your organization’s total GroupWise user count. Use the GroupWise Administrator Portal for later GroupWise systems (2014/2018 or later), while older versions can use the ConsoleOne approach below.

Step 1: Important: For each GroupWise Post Office object in your GroupWise System, use ConsoleOne (or stand-alone GWCheck) to run a Mailbox/Library Maintenance with the Audit Report option (see Figure 1 below).  If you skip the GWCheck Audit Report step, the user count reported in the GroupWise System Object Information dialog may not be accurate.

Figure 1  Run GWCheck with Audit Report option for each Post Office.

Step 2: Using ConsoleOne, highlight the GroupWise System object.

Figure 2  ConsoleOne GroupWise System object icon.

Step 3: Right-mouse click, select Information from the menu.

Figure 3  GroupWise System object context menu.

Step 4: The GroupWise System Information dialog will display as shown below in Figure 4. Take a screenshot of the GroupWise System Information dialog and provide it to your Advansys Reseller.

Figure 4 ConsoleOne GroupWise System Information dialog.