Customer Testimonials

Archive To Go is used within a wide variety of industries across the globe. Below is a list of Advansys customers who have provided us with the authority to publish.

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“We have always been very pleased with Archive To Go’s performance and its cost to value ratio. I would not hesitate to recommend the product to any of my business associates. Perhaps one of the most reliable products we have ever implemented here.”

Steven J. Haessler – STRATTEC Corporation

“The best customer support a provider can supply is the support you never have to use. I believe in all the years we used the product, we may have had to contact support once. That’s quality.”

Steven J. Haessler – STRATTEC Corporation

“Thanks for your friendly help and support with Archive to Go 3.1 and 4 Beta. The Archive to Go 4 release is AWESOME! I don’t know how I managed without it and now rely on it. I run it on my cached mailbox and with the sync facility, it runs smooth and fast. Major kudos to all of you.”

Grant Botes – Human Resources professional

“I love your product; easy to use, and the CDs with the archived email test are user-friendly even for individuals who have very little or no experience with technology.”

Lidija Thompson-Ward – Grant MacEwan University

“I really, really do love the product, and I honestly use it every day! I believe it’s a fantastic product, and anyone who supports email should also have Archive To Go. Not only is the product great, but the support is awesome!”

Lidija Thompson-Ward – Grant MacEwan University

“When considering a disaster recovery plan, Archive to Go is, without question, one of the best tools that a company can have to periodically archive staff e-mail messages. We have used it on many occasions to recover from situations where e-mail has been deleted accidentally or maliciously.”

J.R. Harris – Wave Tech., Inc.

“Archive To Go is part of every disaster recovery plan we propose to our clients considering GroupWise Messaging. Their support is exceptional and the product performs just as we need it to. Our sincere thanks to their entire team for making us look good to our clients!”

J.R. Harris – Wave Tech., Inc.

“The software worked perfectly and we could not have completed the conversion project without Advansys Archive to Go and PST Creator. Our customer now has all their historical GroupWise email properly stored in PST files that are easily accessible and searchable via their Outlook client. Thank you Advansys!”

Scott Kunau – Innovative Global Technology Group

“I can honestly say that “Archive To Go” is the ONLY solution I have come across so far that effortlessly does exactly what it says it is going to do!”

Brendan Williams – Terason Pty Ltd

“Most importantly, not only are we satisfied but our departing Members and staff think it is fantastic!”

Louise Hanna – NSW Parliament

“Your product worked well in our conversion process. Feel free to reference me for any recommendations or references to other customers.”

William Taylor – City of Los Angeles

“Nothing short of absolutely brilliant would suffice for my experience with ATG and PST Creator. Elegant, rock-solid, and understandable by mere Ph.D.s (in Psychology no less) are my global reactions to your suite of programs.”

Alan D. Davidson, Ph.D. – Davidson Consulting

“We are to be counted among your greatest fans in all the Americas. Please extend our gratitude to your extraordinary team of world-class professionals. I have never met a finer group in 30+ years of worldwide consulting. I am now and will always be in your debt.”

Alan D. Davidson, Ph.D. – Davidson Consulting

“I’ve been around a few years and take personal recommendations very seriously. The following recommendation is without question one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.”

Jeff Hayes – GroupWise User

“I searched 3+ years and tried without success multiple companies and software to convert GroupWise archives to a readable format. Novell suggested Advansys which I’m happy to report worked out perfectly. Advansys took my old archive files and returned them to me in a readable format in less than 24 hours. Great Company, Great people, Great Product! I highly recommend!”

Jeff Hayes – GroupWise User

“The Advansys PST Creator worked like a charm. I was able to create PST files from the Archive To Go archives quickly. We needed it for a request from a firm that could only handle PST files.”

Bob – IT Department