Archive To Go 4.0

This major release of Archive To Go 4.0 introduces an updatable archive format with a suite of new tools, delivering the power and flexibility for archive synchronization with GroupWise.

    • Updatable archives
    • Full and partial sync modes
    • Resume after stop

    • Automation support
    • History viewer
    • Library document export

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What's New in Detail

Archive To Go Creator

  • Updatable Archives
    • Easily update existing archives by running another export.
      • Export large accounts using an incremental approach.
    • Full Sync archive mode supports removal of deleted GroupWise items from the archive.
      • Optionally keep items removed from the archive during mailbox synchronization in a special Deleted Items Archive.
    • Partial Sync archive mode is a faster method for updating an existing archive with new and modified GroupWise items. This mode does not identify deleted GroupWise items and remove them from the archive.
    • A Full Sync can be run at any time after a Partial Sync to process deleted GroupWise items.
    • The folder filter can be used to update selected folders within an existing archive.
    • Updatable archive format enables fast search index updates.
    • Automate archive updates using templates.
  • Stop/Fail/Resume
    • Whether a user cancels an export or a data error causes an export failure, Archive To Go, when run again, will attempt to resume by skipping the failed folder without the need to re-export from the beginning.
    • Option to resume after the last successful folder which avoids the need to analyze folders already exported successfully.
    • The Wizard Status page offers the option to skip the folder being processed.
    • Handles automatic archiving cancellation during Windows shutdown.
    • Prevents Windows sleep mode during export process.
  • Library Document Export
    • Save documents to an external folder.
  • Archive Tools
    • Archive History Viewer
      • Displays details of each export in the archive’s creation and update history.
    • Archive Verifier
      • Enables verification of an archive’s structure and compares the archive’s contents with the GroupWise mailbox and personal archives.
    • Message Repair
      • Repair archived messages which include invalid or unprintable characters which were present in the original GroupWise message. This tool is also integrated with Archive To Go Viewer.
    • Cleanup Manager
      • Remove unwanted log and history files to save disk space or prior to distributing archives.
  • Wizard Enhancements
    • Quick menu access to Archive To Go tools.
      • Archive Verifier, History Viewer, Message Repair, Archive To Go Indexer, Archive To Go Viewer.
    • Advanced Options dialog for export customization and optimization.
    • Item throughput and time elapsed display.
    • Improved personal GroupWise archive selection.
    • Redesigned Done page for easy access to logs and tools.
    • Remembers last template selection between export sessions.
    • Supports GroupWise 6.5 to 2014 R2 SP1.
  • Enhanced Logging
    • Logs include more detail and improved format.
    • Advanced options include a verbose logging mode setting for troubleshooting export problems.

Archive To Go Indexer

  • Supports updatable archives.
  • Improved PDF support.
  • Fast incremental index updates.
  • Options for index recreate and optimization.
  • Updated indexing engine.
  • Automatic repair of corrupt messages.

Archive To Go Viewer

  • Tools menu offers access to History Viewer and Indexer.
  • Advanced Tools menu provides access to Message Repair, Cleanup Manager.
  • Open external attachments using the right-mouse button context menu.
  • Active Archive section’s name is displayed at the top of the message list view.

Archive To Go Finder

  • Supports updatable archives.

Known Limitations

  • Updatable archives do not support split volumes for copying to different media sizes.