Archive To Go 3.0

Archive To Go 3.0 introduced export automation templates, support for GroupWise 2014 and many more enhancements.  See below for key features and details.

    • Export automation
    • GroupWise 2014 support
    • Enhanced Enterprise mode

    • Folder filtering
    • Contact group support
    • Shared folder reporting

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What's New in Detail

Archive To Go Creator

Export Automation

  • New template feature enables the recording and reuse of export settings.
    • Automatically saves current settings to “Auto_Last_Template”.
    • Hands-free’ export automation capability.
  • Start Archive To Go and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.
  • Encrypt and password-protect templates.
  • Templates work in Local and Enterprise Modes.
  • Special XML support files enable further automation and monitoring.

Enterprise Access Mode

  • Major update for GroupWise 2014 (supports new REST Admin API).
  • Supports export of message properties.
  • GroupWise Trusted Application config.bin settings are now portable between machines.

Folder Filtering

  • Include folders by name matching.
  • ‘Contains’, ‘begins with’ and ‘ends with’ name matching functionality.
  • Works with main GroupWise account and personal archives.

Other Enhancements

  • Address book contact groups exported.
  • Account signatures exported.
  • Auto-renaming of export folder when name already exists.
  • Option to save large file attachments external to the message when a size limit is exceeded (default is 50 MB, user-configurable).
  • Output folder user access rights check.
  • Updated logging capabilities.
    • Reports shared folder rights and user access list.
    • Many additional export process details added and layout updated.
  • Uses .NET Framework 4.0 as minimum requirement.
  • Additional updates and fixes.

Archive To Go Viewer

  • Updated UI colors.
  • Minor fixes.

Archive To Go Finder

  • Updated UI colors and layout.