Archive To Go 3.1

Archive To Go 3.1 introduces a flexible ‘cloud-based’ licensing system and minor enhancements.

    • Flexible license management
    • Compatible with previous licenses
    • Automated licensing options

    • Template execution password
    • Additional logging detail
    • New Admin Wizard options

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What's New in Detail

Archive To Go Creator

Licensing Management

  • New cloud-based authenticated license system.
  • Flexible user-managed account licensing.
  • Easy account licensing option during export process.
  • Backward compatible with existing license files.
  • Automated product licensing options for administrators.

Export Automation

  • Option to add a template execution password. If defined, a user will be prompted for the password prior to allowing template execution.

Other Enhancements

  • Log external attachments location.
  • Additional detail added to log for messages which fail to export.
  • Other minor fixes.

Admin Wizard

  • Disable the display of the About Dialog.
  • Disable the ability to install or modify a license.
  • Disable the ability to check for a software update.