Formativ Framework Products

The framework which power Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

The Formativ Framework is the core infrastructure which powers Formativ Solutions for GroupWise. In order to run Formativ Solutions, you need a Formativ Framework product installed on your workstation. The majority of GroupWise users will require Formativ Runtime.

Listed below is the main Formativ Framework product range, where you can click onto the product of interest to learn more. To review Formativ based solutions, visit the Solutions page.

Formativ Creator

  • Create and run Formativ solutions.
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Formativ Runtime

  • Run secure Formativ solutions.
  • Recommended for most GroupWise users.
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Formativ Express

  • Free Formativ engine which runs only Formativ Express solutions.
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Please Note With the introduction of the Formativ Framework 2.7, Formativ Studio has been retired and is no longer supported. Formativ Creator provides all Studio features apart from Novell eDirectory support.

Formativ Framework Bundles

Formativ Enterprise

  • Formativ Creator x 10
  • Formativ Runtime x 250
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Formativ Small Business

  • Formativ Creator x 2
  • Formativ Runtime x 100
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Formativ Solutions

There is a wide range of Formativ solutions available for GroupWise, all of which are powered by the Formativ Framework. See the Formativ Solutions Page for more information.

The diagram below illustrates how the Formativ Framework enhances GroupWise.