Flexalock™ Applets

Formativ Creator can secure open source applets using the Flexalock™ format, which can used by Formativ Runtime, or Creator. Formativ Runtime will not run open source applets and requires applets to be saved in Flexalock format.  Introduced in Formativ 1.5, the Flexalock format superceded the Encoded format.

Users of Creator can, if desired, change how the Flexalock applet is integrated with the GroupWise client, including toolbar icons, menu location and descriptions and the events which may trigger the applet to run. Flexalock applets can include a fixed expiry date, which enables commercial developers to create evaluation versions for their customers. In addition, the developer can decide to display in a special dialog, upon each GroupWise client startup, the remaining period before the applet expires.

Open Source Applets

Formativ Creator provides the capability to create, modify and run open source applets, which provide full access to the inner workings of the solution. Flexalock™ applets, which conceal all or the majority of the solution code, can only be created from an open source applet. Formativ Runtime cannot run open source applets.

Encoded Applets (legacy format)

The Encoded applet format, originally introduced in Formativ 1.0, was superceded in Formativ 1.5 by the Flexalock format. Encoding and Flexalocking an applet secures and hides the inner workings of the original open source applet. All Formativ products (version 1.5 or above) can execute Encoded and Flexalock applets.