Formativ Runtime

Low cost framework for running an unlimited number of secure Formativ solutions for GroupWise.

Key Features

  • Low cost solutions engine used to run an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise.
  • Wide range of Formativ powered GroupWise solutions available.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the GroupWise Windows client.
  • Available with Formativ Enterprise, Formativ Small Business and as a single user option.

Technical Features

  • Includes Formativ Portal Manager™ for GroupWise.
  • Support for the display of Web style HTML dialogs and forms.
  • Executes only Flexalock™ applets.
  • Stand-alone and enterprise modes of operation.
  • OEM Formativ solutions runtime engine available for approved vendors.

Formativ Powered Solutions for GroupWise

Once you have Formativ, you can access a wide range of ready-to-use commercial and free Formativ powered solutions for GroupWise. Please refer to the Formativ Solutions page for further information.

Download Formativ Runtime

Formativ commercial products are provided as free, fully featured 30-day trial software. For continued use beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase a registration key. Formativ Solutions require a Formativ Framework product to be installed first, such as Formativ Runtime.

Current version:

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    Instructions for purchasing online

    Online Purchasing System. A fast and secure way to obtain a registration code to license your Formativ trial software. Please note that all Formativ software is distributed electronically as fully featured 30-day trial software only and you will not receive a physical package. You can download the software from our Formativ Download Page.

    To purchase a Formativ product, please follow the simple steps below.

    1. Product Selection. Click the Buy Online button associated with the product you wish to purchase. A new browser window opens and displays the product added to your shopping cart.
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    Formativ Runtime

    USD price per user.



    Formativ Maintenance: Provides customers with access to minor product updates. New and upgrade licenses include the first 12 months maintenance free of charge. After the first 12 months, optional Formativ Maintenance is charged annually at 25% of current product RRP.

    Volume Discounts. Significant discounts are available for volume purchases.

    Special Pricing. Advansys will always seek to meet special purchasing circumstances. Flexible pricing and licensing conditions will be considered.

    To discuss your requirements, please contact an Advansys Sales Partner or Advansys.

    Terms and Conditions: Review the Advansys standard terms and conditions.


    Formativ Solutions Support Advansys provides support via our support forums and email.  For product update and support details, please see the Formativ Support page.

    System Requirements

    Listed below are the minimum requirements.  It is recommended to use the latest GroupWise client update for each major release.

    • Novell GroupWise 2014 SP1, 2012 SP1, 8.0.1, 7.0 SP1, 6.5.
    • Microsoft Windows 32 or 64 bit, versions 8, 7, Vista or XP.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.
    • Microsoft Windows Script 5.5 or later.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader for documentation.

    Product Comparsion

    Feature Express Runtime Creator
    Runs free Formativ Express solutions * * *
    Runs free GroupWise Cool Solutions Formativ Applets * *
    Runs commercial Formativ solutions * *
    Runs Formativ 2.0, 1.6, 1.5 and 1.0 solutions * * *
    Supports GroupWise 2014 * * *
    Includes the Formativ Portal Manager™ technology * * *
    Active Web style dialogs and forms support * * *
    Supports active Web style views of GroupWise information * * *
    Supports Encoded and Flexalock™ applets * * *
    Supports trial (time-limited) Flexalock™ applets * * *
    Support for stand-alone operation * * *
    Execute applets from Novell eDirectory/NDS applet libraries (very cool but no longer supported) * * *
    Novell eDirectory support using the NetWare Client or LDAP * * *
    Execute open source applets *
    Create an unlimited number of Formativ solutions *
    Create secure Encoded and Flexalock™ applets *
    Includes visual dialog form designer *
    Control how Formativ solutions integrate with the GroupWise client *
    Supports an unlimited number of Formativ solutions * * *
    Supports industry standard technologies: HTML, Javascript, COM etc. * * *

    Applet Types

    Flexalock™ Applets

    Formativ Creator can secure open source applets using the Flexalock™ format, which can used by Formativ Runtime, or Creator. Formativ Runtime will not run open source applets and requires applets to be saved in Flexalock format.  Introduced in Formativ 1.5, the Flexalock format superceded the Encoded format.

    Users of Creator can, if desired, change how the Flexalock applet is integrated with the GroupWise client, including toolbar icons, menu location and descriptions and the events which may trigger the applet to run. Flexalock applets can include a fixed expiry date, which enables commercial developers to create evaluation versions for their customers. In addition, the developer can decide to display in a special dialog, upon each GroupWise client startup, the remaining period before the applet expires.

    Open Source Applets

    Formativ Creator provides the capability to create, modify and run open source applets, which provide full access to the inner workings of the solution. Flexalock™ applets, which conceal all or the majority of the solution code, can only be created from an open source applet. Formativ Runtime cannot run open source applets.

    Encoded Applets (legacy format)

    The Encoded applet format, originally introduced in Formativ 1.0, was superceded in Formativ 1.5 by the Flexalock format. Encoding and Flexalocking an applet secures and hides the inner workings of the original open source applet. All Formativ products (version 1.5 or above) can execute Encoded and Flexalock applets.

    Related Products

    Formativ Creator

    Formativ Creator is for creating and running an unlimited number of Formativ solutions for GroupWise and is normally used by administrators and developers.  The majority of users within an organization will use Formativ Runtime.

    Formativ Runtime

    Formativ Runtime is the framework for running an unlimited number of secure Formativ solutions for GroupWise. This product is used by the majority of users within an organization. Administrators and developers can use Formativ Creator for creating new GroupWise solutions.

    Formativ Express

    Formativ Express is the FREE engine which powers Express solutions for GroupWise. Formativ Express is limited to running Express compatible solutions only and most solutions will need Formativ Runtime.

    Formativ Enterprise

    Formativ Enterprise is a cost-effective Formativ software bundle packaged for medium to large enterprises.  It includes 10 Formativ Creator licences to provide solution creation capabilities and 250 Formativ Runtime licences for end users within your organization.

    Formativ Small Business

    Formativ Small Business is a cost-effective Formativ software bundle packaged for small organizations or departments within large enterprises.  It includes one Formativ Creator licences to provide solution creation capabilities and 100 Formativ Runtime licences for end users within your organization.