Customer Testimonials

Formativ is used within a wide variety of industries across the globe. Below is a list of Advansys customers who have provided us with the authority to publish.

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  • “Advansys worked with us, in a timely and efficient manner, to develop an applet to provide us with exactly what we were looking for. We are extremely pleased with the end product and the flexibility it gives our users to customize their email font attributes.”
    Pam Tokariuk - Bennett Jones SLP
  • “I learned about the product from the Novell GroupWise Cool Solutions website. I was looking for an inexpensive way to convert from Outlook to GroupWise. The pop3 import that comes with GW only works with Outlook Express and even then unless it shows up in the list there is nothing you can do. That is why I was so excited to learn about your Personal Outlook Migration Tool, and the fact that it was totally free, just blew me away. I tested it out and it worked. Quite an accomplishment, as is most of the time products rarely do exactly what they say they will the first time. Bottom line is the product worked and it was free and to me that is the greatest thing. I started looking around for other Formativ solutions I could use and found a print utility that lists the attachments. I had to spend $15.00 and it was worth every cent to have that functionality.

    Once again, thank you and keep me posted on new and exciting products.”

    John Fletcher - Channel Technologies
  • “You are fantastic! “The updated Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel solution” is exactly what I need. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

    “P.S.: Kudos to your customer service! Your responses to meeting my needs or to simply answering my questions are great!”

    Fannie Anderson - Children's Hospital Research Foundation
  • “I think it’s time to say a big THANK YOU! to all the Advansys-Team, especially the Support-Team, which does a really great job!

    After three months working hard with Formativ, we can say: “It’s the best product for GroupWise that we’ve ever seen”.”

    Markus Bloechl - DataFlash
  • “Whohohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    All done, took me from 8:30 this morning until now to recreate all the address books and import everything from CSV into them.

    I cannot tell you how much this has made my day. long story short: we were going to have to add every entry back into address books by hand till we found out about the Formativ applets.

    Again thank you so much you probably saved me over a week of man hours!”

    Stephen DeFigueroa - School of Law - Fordham University
  • “Formativ has the functionality to meet the ever changing needs of our office. It has assisted with everything from spam elimination to intranet application deployment. Formativ is truly a great product.”
    Walter Elly - James, Hoyer, Newcomer & Smiljanich P.A.
  • “Formativ is the ideal tool for creating collaborative business solutions and enhancing the value of our GroupWise implementation.”
    Michael Menard - Klagenfurt University
  • “With their great product, Formativ, combined with rapid custom Formativ Applet development services, Advansys provided everything we needed to rapidly implement an integrated service delivery process on Novell GroupWise.”
    David C. Lloyd - New South Wales Department of Commerce
  • “Formativ has enabled customisation of GroupWise e-mail to meet our business needs.”
    IT Support - Office of Parliamentary Counsel
  • “Formativ has provided an easy, reliable interface to GroupWise which makes adding functionality and business processes a breeze.”
    IT Support - St.George Bank Ltd
  • “After some preliminary testing, our IT department imported the Outlook files into GroupWise with ease. In the past, we were convinced that Outlook data could not be uploaded into GroupWise. However, the Advansys applet performs as advertised. Now we are all doing cartwheels in the halls since this was a top priority for our President and Executive Vice President. You saved the day!!!”
    Bonnie Winkler - Largest Inland Marine Transportation Company in North America
  • “The updated free GroupWise Cool Solutions applet, Export GroupWise Appointments into Excel, works a treat and is exactly what we want. Many thanks for your speedy response and support.”

    “We use GroupWise to manage over 30 facilities within the centre, including the swimming pool, squash courts etc.. We’ve added the applet to our three desk counter PCs and its proving its worth already. Now with your modification we can proxy to any resource and dump to Excel a month’s summary of facility usage, which we then give to Finance to bill the users. What used to take 2 hours a month to manually read through, now takes under 10 minutes!”

    Stephen Watt - University of New England
  • “Formativ is the macro language you always wished GroupWise came with. At its heart, it’s visual basic, but Formativ makes the development process much, much easier than having to write everything from scratch. And it makes deployment and distribution of your macros an easy task as well. I’m really impressed with the product.”

    “I have played with other GroupWise add-on packages or C3PO add-ons in the past, but I’ve usually been unimpressed by the quality of the products. So far though, I’ve been blown away by the quality, speed and stability of this Formativ package.”

    Clay L. Gibney - Woods Rogers & Hazlegrove, P.L.C.