Message Saver Pack

On-demand export of GroupWise messages to portable XML files.  Includes the free Advansys Message Viewer for accessing saved messages without GroupWise.

On-demand GroupWise Message Export

The Advansys Formativ Message Saver Pack is a personal solution for saving messages from the GroupWise client to portable files which can be viewed offline using the free Advansys Message Viewer – without needing to have GroupWise installed!

Store the self-contained Advansys Portable Message files, including attachments and faithful text/HTML view, on CD, DVD, in network folders, databases, CRM systems, GroupWise DMS or external document management systems.

The Message Saver Pack 2.0 includes Advansys Message Saver, the free Advansys Message Viewer and the Formativ Framework for .NET 1.0.

Message Saver requires a copy of Formativ Runtime, Creator or Studio. Message Viewer is a free Windows application for viewing Advansys Portable Message (FML) files on any standard media, including your hard disk, CD-ROM or DVD.


  • Saves message text/HTML view(s) and any attachments into a single, portable XML file format (Advansys Portable Message, FML).
  • Export single or multiple message selection, selected folder, or messages within a query folder or query results window.
  • Supports export of all GroupWise message types: Mail, Appointment, Reminder Note, Task, Phone and Document Reference.
  • Save As feature for single and multiple messages.
  • Remember multiple save locations.
  • Personal and shared save locations.
  • Quick-save feature.
  • Archive or delete messages after saving.
  • Save file attachments external to the Advansys Portable Message (FML) file.
  • Support for Categories and Personal Subject (GroupWise 6.5 and above).
  • Export support for file systems with file name length limitations.
  • Detailed error logging system.
  • Free stand-alone Advansys Message Viewer for message viewing, printing and searching.
  • QuickViewer, Search and Info toolbar buttons.
  • GroupWise Document Management System (DMS) integration when opening Message Saver (FML) files from a document library.
  • View saved messages in applications which can read text or XML files.
  • Forward or reply to a saved message.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the GroupWise client.
  • Familiar interface, easy to use.


  • Efficient, scalable message data sharing external to GroupWise.
  • Export selected messages and attachments for use external to GroupWise, such as for special project folders, external distribution or importing into other applications.
  • Import messages into GroupWise DMS or other document management systems.
  • Free stand-alone Advansys Message Viewer removes need for GroupWise client to read, forward, reply, print and search saved messages.
  • Single file keeps message and attachments in a single, portable format.
  • Saved messages can be stored in a database or information management system.
  • Preserves key GroupWise message information, including custom fields, Message ID and more.

Download Message Saver Pack

Formativ commercial products are provided as free, fully featured 30-day trial software. For continued use beyond the evaluation period, you need to purchase a registration key. Formativ Solutions require a Formativ Framework product to be installed first, such as Formativ Runtime.

    To access the Advansys Formativ Message Saver Pack 2.0 installer, please complete the fields below.


    Please contact an Advansys sales partner.

    Instructions for purchasing online

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    Message Saver Pack

    USD price per user not including Formativ Runtime license.


    Message Saver Pack with Runtime

    USD price per user including Formativ Runtime license.



    Formativ Maintenance: Provides customers with access to minor product updates. New and upgrade licenses include the first 12 months maintenance free of charge. After the first 12 months, optional Formativ Maintenance is charged annually at 25% of current product RRP.

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    System Requirements

    Listed below are the minimum requirements.  It is recommended to use the latest GroupWise client update for each major release.

    • Formativ Runtime or Creator.
    • Novell GroupWise 2012 SP1, 8.0.1, 7.0 SP1, 6.5.
    • Microsoft Windows 32 or 64 bit, versions 8, 7, Vista or XP.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.
    • Microsoft Windows Script 5.5 or later.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader for documentation.


    Formativ Solutions Support Advansys provides support via our support forums and email.  For product update and support details, please see the Formativ Support page.

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