Presentation Pack

Flexible tools for creating high impact correspondence and messages requiring user data capture. Includes Multiple Signatures 2.0, Stationery 2.0, Templates 2.0 and Remote Image Inserter 2.0.

Stand out from the crowd.

High impact email
Maximize efficiency
Easily create your own
Great corporate image

Stationery 2.0

Communicate with GroupWise using high-impact email stationery.

Send distinctive GroupWise email messages and give yourself and your organization a competitive edge. Create email of a highly-professional appearance. Stationery can be used to create high impact GroupWise messages representing your corporate letterhead, newsletters and other correspondence. You can convert existing GroupWise messages to stationery, or use the stationery editor to create something completely new. You can create stationery by importing existing HTML documents or, to get you started, use one of the eleven samples included.

Remote Image Inserter 2.0

Insert Web linked remote images into GroupWise HTML messages.

Like to create GroupWise HTML email messages, but are put off by the size of your messages when you use embedded images? Or are your messages being caught in the recipient’s spam folder due to inclusion of attached images?

Instead of embedding images into your messages, copy your images to a web site and use the Remote Image Inserter to insert links to the images. This can dramatically cut down the size of your email messages.  The Remote Image inserter is the perfect companion to the Stationery and Multiple Signatures solutions.

Multiple Signatures 2.0

Create and use multiple high impact HTML and text signatures.

With Multiple Signatures you can create and choose from several signatures to suit each of your personas. You can choose between plain-text and rich HTML formats. Includes a plain text and HTML signature editor.  You can also use the Remote Image Inserter to add dynamically loaded images to your signatures.

Templates 2.0

Create and use static text or user-input templates in your GroupWise messages.

If you find yourself sending out the same message content time and time again, such as standard paragraph snippets, the Templates solution can help. Create reusable GroupWise email, notes, appointments and tasks content templates with ease. Templates can be passive or dynamic, meaning they either create a new standard item, or they automatically build a dialog that collects information from the user, then builds a message using data supplied by the user.  A template can be a single phrase or substantial text content.

Download Presentation Pack

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    Presentation Pack

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    System Requirements

    Listed below are the minimum requirements.  It is recommended to use the latest GroupWise client update for each major release.

    • Formativ Runtime or Creator.
    • Novell GroupWise 2012 SP1, 8.0.1, 7.0 SP1, 6.5.
    • Microsoft Windows 32 or 64 bit, versions 8, 7, Vista or XP.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later.
    • Microsoft Windows Script 5.5 or later.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader for documentation.


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