Advansys PST Creator 4.0

PST Creator 4.0 introduces support for Outlook 2016 and the 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook client versions.

    • Outlook 2016 support
    • Supports 32/64-bit Outlook clients
    • Updated installer package

    • Separate 32/64-bit installers included
    • Inbuilt Outlook version check
    • Added environmental information

Advansys PST Creator 3.1

PST Creator 3.1 introduces the same flexible cloud-based license management system used in Archive To Go 3.1.  See below for key features and details.

    • Flexible license management
    • Compatible with previous licenses
    • Automated licensing options

    • New settings options
    • Additional logging detail
    • Minor fixes

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What's New in Detail

Licensing Management

  • New cloud-based authenticated license system.
  • Flexible user-managed account licensing.
  • Easy account licensing option during export process.
  • Backward compatible with existing license files.
  • Automated product licensing options for administrators.

Administration Settings

  • Disable the display of the About Dialog.
  • Disable the ability to install or modify a license.
  • Disable the ability to check for a software update.

Other Enhancements

  • Enhanced logging.
  • Sortable columns for list view.
  • Open PST folder link on Conversion History page.
  • Minor fixes.

Advansys PST Creator 3.0

PST Creator 3.0 introduced conversion automation, support for Archive To Go 3.0 and more.  See below for key features and details.

    • Conversion automation
    • Archive To Go monitoring
    • Advanced reporting

    • Conversion history
    • Enhanced conversion
    • Updated user interface

Click the heading below to review What’s New in detail.

What's New in Detail

Conversion Automation

  • Archive To Go output folder monitoring. When an Archive To Go archive export completes, this feature will automatically convert it to PST format.
  • New XML template feature enables the recording and reuse of conversion settings.
  • Start Advansys PST Creator and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.

Progress Reporting

  • New progress tab including a tree view which displays the account currently converting, accounts awaiting conversion and accounts completed.
  • New Conversion History tab for easy access to previous conversion session logs.
  • Displays details of folders processed for each converted account.
  • Visual indicators for success, warnings and errors.
  • Progress bars display overall conversion progress (batch processing), current account progress and account folder progress.


  • Updated color coded and hyperlink enabled user interface.
  • Support for automatically including all archives under a parent folder.
  • Imports GroupWise personal contact groups into Outlook.
  • Supports GroupWise message’s reply/forward status.
  • Supports GroupWise private message status.
  • Suppresses Outlook appointment reminders older than the conversion date-time.
  • Outlook message display style used for recipient name and email address.
  • Uses the GroupWise personal subject for the converted Outlook message and stores the original subject in an Outlook User Defined Field (UDF).
  • Support for Archive To Go 3.0’s external attachments feature.
  • Option to convert another archive during the same session.
  • Logging information updated.
    • Shows export time, machine name, available memory.
    • Summary and verbose logs for batch processing, including message types converted (i.e. email, contacts etc).
  • If matching contact fields are not found in Outlook (Manager, User ID, Modified Date etc), then append them to the contact’s notes text.

Advanced Options

  • Added print option for Outlook User Defined Fields (UDFs), which are used by the PST Creator to store information which does not have a direct equivalent in Outlook, such as the GroupWise message properties text and custom fields.
  • Convert GroupWise Notes to Outlook ‘all day’ appointments.
  • Append the GroupWise Note subject and start date to the converted Outlook Note’s body text.
  • Option to use the GroupWise message modified date for the converted Outlook message’s reply or forward date (default value FALSE).
  • Option to automatically add the Outlook data file (*.pst) to the current user profile.