One year following the release of RecollX Professional 1.1, Advansys is very pleased to announce the availability of the Advansys RecollX 1.2 beta release which can be downloaded now from our RecollX website.

Version 1.2 works with the new cloud chat features the latest versions of the Skype client for Windows Desktop. Advansys managed to address the changes to the Skype Desktop API, introduced last year, which are designed to help Skype function on mobile devices more efficiently.

Sometimes RecollX may not be able to automatically set the correct cloud group chat name because it won’t be able identify the original creation name or a topic change. Most of the time RecollX should obtain the topic but if it doesn’t and you see an unfamiliar chat name in the Browse View, in the Detail view or Results view click on the conversation name to view it in Skype, then copy the current chat topic from Skype and rename the chat in the RecollX Browse view.

In this latest release you can click on a chat name in the Browse view to rename it to a personal topic. RecollX will retain the original name which it found when adding the chat to the archive (right-mouse click on the chat name in the Browse view and look at the chat Properties) and you can revert to the original at any time.

Advansys RecollX Professional [retired]

If you used Skype chat regularly, RecollX Professional for Skype offered easy history archiving, high speed research and reporting capabilities.  You never had to worry again about having a portable backup of your Skype history or being able to find that critical information buried in a chat from long ago. Used to work with Skype for Windows Desktop 5.x until Skype retired the developer API.