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I am still having a few problems with getting the applet to use the trusted application to send the emails using the account I have connected to. The code I am using is below. I am able to search through the various mailboxes and find the relevant emails. When I then create a new mail message and attach these emails, it works on my account but not on the others. I believe it works for me because I am running the applet from within my GW account. I need to know how to send an email from an account I am connected to and then attach messages to these.

‘This is the domain we want to look for
const DOMAIN = “hotmail.com”
‘This is who we want to forward the emails to
const MANAGER = “manager@test.com”

dim Msg
dim StringList
dim UserList
dim MailFound
dim iAccount
dim ItemtypeCount
dim iCount
dim HRT

‘ Connects to the accounts specified in UserList and searches for emails
Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)

HRT = Chr(13) & Chr(10)
Set UserList = Utilities.StringList
MailFound = 0
‘ Apply the trusted application credentials
call GroupWise.Session.SetTrustedApplicationCredentials(“TrustedApp”, “1234”)
itemtypeCount = 0
Do While ItemtypeCount <> UserList.Count
Set StringList = Utilities.StringList
iSearch = UserList.Strings(ItemtypeCount)
‘ Use the Multilogin method to access the account
on error resume next
set iAccount = GroupWise.Session.Multilogin(iSearch, CMDLINE_PARAMS, null, egwPromptNever, null)
‘ Check if we were able to log into this users account
if iAccount is nothing then
MsgBox “Login Failed – Check the Trusted Application credentials and the command line paramters: ” & iSearch, 0, IDS_CAPTION
iFilter = (“(MAIL) AND (NOT OPENED)”)
set iMessages = iAccount.AllMessages.find(iFilter)
iCount = iMessages.Count
if iCount > 0 then
‘ set each message object
for x = 1 to iCount
set Msg = iMessages.Item(x)
end if
‘ Remember to clean up this message collection
set iMessages = nothing
end if
‘ Release the account object we obtained

ItemTypeCount = ItemTypeCount + 1
if MailFound > 0 then
end if
MailFound = 0
set iAccount = nothing
‘ SetTrustedApplicationCredentials with empty strings to remove the credentials
‘ from the current session. If we don’t do this, we will be able to multi-login
‘ to any account for the remainder of this GroupWise session. This may or may not
‘ be the desired effect…
call GroupWise.Session.SetTrustedApplicationCredentials(“”,””)

end Sub

‘ Check the Domain email is from and compare the time it was delivered with the current time
function CheckMail
dim sDate
dim sTime
dim sCurDate
dim sCurTime

if (Instr(1, LCase(Msg.Sender.EmailAddress), LCase(DOMAIN))) <> 0 then
If (Instr(1, sDate, “T”,1) <> 0) then
sArray = Split(sDate, “T”, -1, 1)
sDate = sArray(0)
sTime = sArray(1)
End If
If (Instr(1, sCurDate, “T”,1) <> 0) then
sArray = Split(sCurDate, “T”, -1, 1)
sCurDate = sArray(0)
sCurTime = sArray(1)
End If
if sCurdate > sDate then
StringList.Add(Msg.Sender.DisplayName&” !! “&Msg.Subject&” !! “&Msg.CreationDate&” !! “&Msg.MessageID)
if sCurDate = sDate then
‘if sCurTime-sTime > 20000 then
if sCurTime-sTime > 1 then
StringList.Add(Msg.Sender.DisplayName&” !! “&Msg.Subject&” !! “&Msg.CreationDate&” !! “&Msg.MessageID)
End if
End if
End if
CheckMail = TRUE
MailFound = MailFound + 1
exit function
end if

end function

‘ Forward Emails to Manager
function SendMail

dim MyArray

Set NewMsg = GroupWise.ComposingItem
NewMsg.To_ = MANAGER
NewMsg.Subject = “Unopened Messages within 2 hour period”
NewMsg.BodyText = HRT&HRT&HRT&”Forwarded Messages from : “&(iAccount.Owner)&HRT&HRT&”The attached messages have not been opened within the 2 hour period”
for x = 0 to (StringList.Count -1)
MyArray = Split(StringList.Strings(x), ” !! “, -1, 1)
call GroupWise.ItemAttachmentAdd(“X00″,115,MyArray(3),”Test”)
set NewMsg = nothing
set Msg = nothing
end function