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Advansys does not provide telephone support for this product. For assistance, please review the four steps below.

Step 1 – Check last minute documentation

The readme file contains any late breaking information about this product, including information that may solve your problem. To access this file, please check the Advansys PST Creator program group under Start | All Programs.

Step 2 – Check for product updates

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Step 3 – Consult the manual

An answer may be found in the Advansys PST Creator Manual which is installed with the product.

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Advansys provides support for Advansys PST Creator via moderated forums. These web-based forums are moderated by Advansys technical staff and represent the primary source of support for the Advansys PST Creator.

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Product Updates

Nov 30 2016

Advansys PST Creator released.

Advansys PST Creator 4.0

PST Creator 4.0 introduces support for Outlook 2016 and the 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook client versions.

    • Outlook 2016 support
    • Supports 32/64-bit Outlook clients
    • Updated installer package

    • Separate 32/64-bit installers included
    • Inbuilt Outlook version check
    • Added environmental information

Advansys PST Creator customers can check for updates using the inbuilt “Check for updates” feature.  Customers with active maintenance can download and install from the Advansys PST Creator Download page.

Jun 25 2015

Advansys PST Creator released.

Advansys PST Creator 3.1

PST Creator 3.1 introduces the same flexible cloud-based license management system used in Archive To Go 3.1.  See below for key features and details.

    • Flexible license management
    • Compatible with previous licenses
    • Automated licensing options

    • New settings options
    • Additional logging detail
    • Minor fixes

Click the heading below to review What’s New in detail.

What's New in Detail

Licensing Management

  • New cloud-based authenticated license system.
  • Flexible user-managed account licensing.
  • Easy account licensing option during export process.
  • Backward compatible with existing license files.
  • Automated product licensing options for administrators.

Administration Settings

  • Disable the display of the About Dialog.
  • Disable the ability to install or modify a license.
  • Disable the ability to check for a software update.

Other Enhancements

  • Enhanced logging.
  • Sortable columns for list view.
  • Open PST folder link on Conversion History page.
  • Minor fixes.

Advansys PST Creator customers can check for updates using the inbuilt “Check for updates” feature.  Customers with current upgrade protection can download and install from the Advansys PST Creator Download page.

Oct 1 2014

Advansys PST Creator released.

Advansys PST Creator 3.0

PST Creator 3.0 introduced conversion automation, support for Archive To Go 3.0 and more.  See below for key features and details.

    • Conversion automation
    • Archive To Go monitoring
    • Advanced reporting

    • Conversion history
    • Enhanced conversion
    • Updated user interface

Click the heading below to review What’s New in detail.

What's New in Detail

Conversion Automation

  • Archive To Go output folder monitoring. When an Archive To Go archive export completes, this feature will automatically convert it to PST format.
  • New XML template feature enables the recording and reuse of conversion settings.
  • Start Advansys PST Creator and execute a template via a command line parameter or double-click a template file in Windows File Explorer.

Progress Reporting

  • New progress tab including a tree view which displays the account currently converting, accounts awaiting conversion and accounts completed.
  • New Conversion History tab for easy access to previous conversion session logs.
  • Displays details of folders processed for each converted account.
  • Visual indicators for success, warnings and errors.
  • Progress bars display overall conversion progress (batch processing), current account progress and account folder progress.


  • Updated color coded and hyperlink enabled user interface.
  • Support for automatically including all archives under a parent folder.
  • Imports GroupWise personal contact groups into Outlook.
  • Supports GroupWise message’s reply/forward status.
  • Supports GroupWise private message status.
  • Suppresses Outlook appointment reminders older than the conversion date-time.
  • Outlook message display style used for recipient name and email address.
  • Uses the GroupWise personal subject for the converted Outlook message and stores the original subject in an Outlook User Defined Field (UDF).
  • Support for Archive To Go 3.0’s external attachments feature.
  • Option to convert another archive during the same session.
  • Logging information updated.
    • Shows export time, machine name, available memory.
    • Summary and verbose logs for batch processing, including message types converted (i.e. email, contacts etc).
  • If matching contact fields are not found in Outlook (Manager, User ID, Modified Date etc), then append them to the contact’s notes text.

Advanced Options

  • Added print option for Outlook User Defined Fields (UDFs), which are used by the PST Creator to store information which does not have a direct equivalent in Outlook, such as the GroupWise message properties text and custom fields.
  • Convert GroupWise Notes to Outlook ‘all day’ appointments.
  • Append the GroupWise Note subject and start date to the converted Outlook Note’s body text.
  • Option to use the GroupWise message modified date for the converted Outlook message’s reply or forward date (default value FALSE).
  • Option to automatically add the Outlook data file (*.pst) to the current user profile.

Advansys PST Creator 1.0 customers can check for updates using the inbuilt “Check for updates” feature.  Customers with current upgrade protection can download and install from the Advansys PST Creator Download page.

Mar 12 2013

PST Creator minor update released.

  • New Advanced option for appending an Internet domain name to messages including addresses without a domain name. For example, a message which may contain an internal GroupWise email address, such as bsmith.po.domain.

Sep 10 2012

PST Creator update released.

  • GroupWise Calendar items will import into the appropriate Outlook folder.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Tasklist folder type changed.
  • Opened message icon will change from unread yellow message to opened white envelope.
  • Attachment(s) which failed to convert will be included as a text file (conversion-log.txt) and attached to the converted message.

Jun 2 2011

PST Creator update released.

  • Added support for Windows 7 64-bit.
  • Convert special contacts where the expected ‘name’ field not present.
  • Updated log format.

Feb 9 2011

PST Creator update released.

  • Added advanced option to control the export of message metadata (e.g. GroupWise message property text, custom fields) to Outlook User Defined fields.
  • Updated log format.

May 31 2010

PST Creator update released.

  • Advanced option to limit message recipients. Default value is checked and maximum recipients is set to 50. You can configure it by pressing ‘Advanced’ button in ‘Settings’ page. See the Users Guide for more information.
    • Log header shows the user-defined, advanced recipients settings and the maximum number defined.
    • Logs details (subject, path) for messages which exceed the recipients limit.
    • Log summary shows total messages exceeded user defined recipients limit.
  • Converts folders where the name format is “%Test”.
  • Browse button to select PST and log file locations.
  • Log shows full folder path.
  • About dialog shows additional license information.
  • For Limited licenses, the About dialog lists un-restricted accounts.
  • Installer updated. No longer required to uninstall a previous version from ‘Add or Remove Programs’.

Dec 22 2009

PST Creator update released.

  • Update to single license feature. Expanded validation technique used in identifying the target Archive To Go archive.

Jul 17 2009

PST Creator update released.

  • Update to trial version. When converting an Archive To Go archive which contains only a GroupWise personal archive, the trial version now uses the correct Archive To Go archive ID when the single license file request generator is used. This issue does not impact the fully licensed version.
  • Fixed conversion of Advansys Portable Message (FML files) created by early versions of Message Saver applet.

Jan 20 2009

Advansys PST Creator 1.0 released.