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Thank you for your enquiry.

Which version of Formativ Runtime do you have installed? To the best of my knowledge, the latest version has Quick Config loading solutions only in the Local folder. So if Add Signature.vbf is in the Common folder (and it will be if you chose to install for All Users), then it will not appear in Quick Config.

The documentation for the solution became outdated with the release of Formativ 1.6, and I apologize for the frustrating situation. In fact, I think the solution has created a completely different folder on your system.

Add Signature is designed to be used while composing a message. I suggest you open a new composing message, then click the Add Signature button on the window toolbar. It should display a popup with message “Unable to find the signature file…,” quoting the Signatures folder. Then move your userID.html file into the folder shown on the popup, and try again.

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support