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We have tested in Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail and Yahoo mail. All of these show the gibberish. We are using Groupwise 7.03 client and server.

Here is an example of what we get at the bottom of these emails:
���! ���DAE8b��ڞɢ�Ȩ�)ܖ�b��ɫmi�fz{l����^��^�z��觵��y��r*bz{ljw�{Z�{“��+��b�w�`Q +r�’^���Z�f�m�k���z�jw�w�u�퉩H|r��zz-���קu�kyȩ���ʋ���^���b~’�aj֧�جrZ,������� k�{b�b���n�b�z+�ǁF�ڟ*����+��b�w(�֢��b��ڶ֜��m��b�m���+,����k��eʚ�&��H*.��ޭ����a��kj{&��”�x�z�讙^jǧ�؟��^���z��zf��h�ץz�h�覙�bjץɩ�u�^��az��)ږ�ڞɢ�Ȩ����t

I have no doubt that this is likely the Mime.822 file, however I believe that there is something in the emailer that is causing these other clients to attempt to display the contents of the file