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Unfortunately until the release of next GroupWise version (Bonsai), we can not access the sent message ID. Novell have confirmed in Bonsai, 3rd party developer can access the sent message ID which will help us to write solution for the above enquiry.

In the mean time, we have written a “Filing Assistant” solution (not yet release) which lets you to organize messages. You can select some messages and run the solution which will suggest the folders to file messages. If you are interested to test the solution then send an email to support (support@advansyscorp.com).

Please see below the Overview of the solution:



With the volume of email increasing rapidly, efficient email management is essential. You need to file messages quickly into the appropriate location without having to navigate hundreds of folders. Effective filing enables faster retrieval of messages in future, saving time and money. The Filing Assistant for GroupWise makes filing messages and folder navigation a breeze!

You can locate folders by matching text you type or simply select a folder offered by the automated Suggest feature, which lists suggested folders for filing based on selected message analysis. Then file your messages quickly with one mouse click. It’s that easy.

Filing Assistant also works with GroupWise Proxy, allowing someone with the appropriate proxy rights to file another person’s email. The power of GroupWise list filtering and QuickFinder combined with Filing Assistant offers fast reorganization and collation of messages which may be dispersed throughout the account.
A range of additional features enable you to tune GroupWise to the way you want to work, such as search optimization by adding special keywords to folder descriptions, creating new and renaming existing folders.
Take control of GroupWise email management today with the Advansys Filing Assistant!

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